Kindness and Love with Valentine’s Day Cards (in just 2 simple steps)


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Is Valentine’s Day about candy or love?

This Valentine’s day take the opportunity to stress the concept of love and kindness. Valentine’s day cards are a perfect way to tell someone you care and teach your children empathy.

And YES, we can still express thoughtfulness with store made cards. Home-made cards are adorable and lovely but can be time-consuming, especially when you make them for an entire class of twenty plus children. There are many ways to add some extra thoughtfulness to a ready-made card and reinforce the importance of empathy and kindness.

This year I’m going to buy my daughter’s classroom cards from I personally LOVE because they now have a new selection of custom Valentine’s day card–just perfect for school celebrations.

An easy two-step process. Pick out the card and then add a small loving touch to each card!

Step #1 – Pick Out the Card


The first step is to pick out the type of card your child would like to send. has an amazing selection. Choose from boy or girl, animal, sports, treats, games and more themes.  My daughter at I had a hard time choosing between all the wonderful selections. Here were some of our favorites:

The Perfect


After a lot of going back and forth, we finally settled on games. She always loves to entertain her friends and what better way to show her love and appreciation than to give them a take home game. The word search option in pink REALLY made her happy! The great thing about is that they also offer you choices of borders, paper quality and even a back option. We continued the game theme and offered a game of Tic-Tac-Toe on the back of the card.

Drum roll, please….and the winning design looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.24.32 PM

Step #2 – Get Creative with Pre-Made Cards and Show Thought and Care!

How do we add some added kindness and love to these new cards? My daughter and I brainstormed on ways to express what he/she loves about her classmates.

  • Write a special quality on the back of the card describing your friend.
  • Describe why she/he is a good friend.
  • Draw a special picture of something they love or that you play with them.
  • Bake them their favorite cookie

In the end, she decided to write a special quality about each friend. For example, “I love you, Lily because you are always so nice to me when I’m feeling lonely.”


I was so inspired by her ideas, that I decided to make my family another gift heart collage from I can add all special moments that mean a lot to all of us! Minted offers a beautiful heart collage that will definitely make someone smile and feel the love!

In our very busy lives, we sometimes forget to take that extra time to do something nice for someone else. Through this simple exercise of creating class cards, children can learn the importance about how to make someone feel happy and special. And I highly encourage visiting the beautiful to start this Valentine’s day project off right J

Don’t let this holiday become about candy and gifts. Take the time to stress the important lesson of acceptance, love, and kindness through a simple card!

Ready to share your kindness and love with great cards and life lessons?



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