New Music from Andrea Bocelli “Cinema”

(Sponsored) New Music Review, “Cinema”.  A fresh perspective to timeless music.

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Andreas Bocelli’s new album, “Cinema”, is a masterful compilation of some of the greatest hits from classical films and musicals. The album includes Bocelli’s stunning renditions from works like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Evita”, “Dr. Zhivago”, “West Side Story”, and many more. Many of these iconic tracks are truly made unique by Bocelli’s smooth, sweet-sounding voice.

I found that one does not need to be a lover of classical music to enjoy this album, as anyone can appreciate the sheer musical quality and raw beauty behind Bocelli’s passion and skill when performing these epic pieces. Demonstrating his identity as an international artist, Bocelli records songs in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Sicilian. The album proves to be a cultural experience, chockful of the various genres that accompany these romantic languages.

One of my favorite songs was Bocelli’s unexpected collaboration with popular recording artist, Ariana Grande. The two perform a duet “E più ti penso” from the 1984 drama, “Once Upon A Time in America”. Both artists have powerful voices that blend flawlessly, producing an incomparable, harmonious sound that brings chills to my spine. This spellbinding and wistful ballad perfectly demonstrates Bocelli’s talent and emotion and his ability to bring a fresh perspective to a timeless piece of music.

Being a cheesy romantic myself, I can’t get enough of Bocelli’s rendition of “Moon River” from everyone’s favorite rainy day film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Listening to this song, I am transported straight into Holly Golightly’s eccentric, New York City life. I can’t help but smile when I hear Bocelli crooning the beautiful lyrics, once again bringing his own unique style to a true American classic.

The whole album is a beautiful journey through different time periods and stories, appealing not only to Bocelli’s fans but fans of these classic works that each song hails from.

This album would make a perfect gift and if you are interested in learning more about purchasing “Cinema”, be sure to check in at Amazon or I-Tunes.

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Cinema Track Listing:

1)         MARIA from ‘West Side Story’

2)         LA CHANSON DE LARA from ‘Doctor Zhivago’

3)         MOON RIVER from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

4)         E PIU’ TI PENSO duet with Ariana Grande from ‘Once Upon a Time in America /Malèna’

5)         BE MY LOVE from ‘The Toast of New Orleans’

6)         THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’          

7)         BRUCIA LA TERRA from ‘The Godfather’

8)         POR UNA CABEZA from ‘Scent of a Woman’

9)         NO LLORES POR MÍ ARGENTINA duet with Nicole Scherzinger from ‘Evita’

10)       L’AMORE È UNA COSA MERAVIGLIOSA from ‘Love is a many splendored thing’

11)       MI MANCHERAI from ‘Il Postino’

12)       CHEEK TO CHEEK duet with Veronica Berti from ‘Top Hat’

13)       SORRIDI AMORE VAI from ‘La vita è bella’

14)       HISTORIA DE AMOR from ‘Love Story’

15)       OL’ MAN RIVER from ‘Show Boat’

16)       NELLE TUE MANI (NOW WE ARE FREE) from ‘Gladiator’


This review is written by Tulasi S.

I participated in this review as part of a One2One Network campaign. I received an album to facilitate the review, but all opinions are my own.



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