Nine Must Take Newborn Photos

Nothing beat the smell of a newborn baby, except maybe swooning over newborn baby pictures. The cliche statement, “They grow up so fast”, is never truer than with babies. You only have a tiny window of opportunity to preserve the pure essence of newborn loveliness. Looking for the best way to capture that moment? Here are our picks for ‘Must Take’ new born pictures.

1. Collages

Taking a Collage of Pictures for Newborn PhotographyMy favorite photos of my boys as babies are collages. With collage, you can get little glimpses of all the bits that make them so lovable.  (Photo Credit:  Vintage Duck)

2. Hands

Photographing Newborn HandsI love the delicacy of newborn hands. Their beautiful fingers, all the tiny creases and how they grasp on to anything! The fist bump is by far my favorite for any new Dad.  (Photo Credit: Renee Britt, Zdenko Boskovic)

3. Feet

Photographing Newborn FeetOh, the places their feet will take them! Seriously, who can pass up taking pictures of little corn nugget toes? (Photo Credit: Victoria Ford)

4. Sibling Shots


Don’t forget to include the older siblings in your photo shoots. Nothing makes the older sibling feel more special than some exclusive shots of ‘just them’ and the new addition.  (Photo Credit: Derksen Photography, Kristin Rachelle)

5. Creative Family Shots

Family With Newborn InspirationsWhen you think family shots, think outside of the box. I love how these shots capture the parents but they aren’t they focus on the picture. This is also great for the Mom who may not be feeling super photogenic after just having a baby.  (Photo Credit: Luna BellaAC Ellis)

6. Dads

Dad and Newborn photographyNothing warms my heart more than a Father/Newborn picture.While everyone was focusing on Mom during the pregnancy, Dad stood by and patiently waited. Now it is his turn to shine and take center stage. (Photo Credit: Extra Medium, Esther Dorotik)

7. Whimsical Props

Using unique props in newborn photography

Think outside the box when looking for props for you newborn photos. The creative possibilities are endless! (Photo Credit: bb photography, Keri Kay)

8. Pets


Man’s best friend will soon be baby’s best friend so be sure to capture their blooming friendship. (Photo Credit: Ashley Ward, Melissa Dunstan)

9. Multiples


Double or even triple the fun with multiples. Embrace the chaos and fun that comes when there is more than one! (Photo credit: Design by Dragonfly, Beloved Photography)

Now go on out there and get snapping! Embrace their smallness while you can. Do you have a favorite picture of your newborn? Share it in the comments or on our Facebook Page!

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  1. 5
    Avatar SUSAN MCGINNIS says

    These are sure to be a big hit with my daughter & Son-in-law, plus this Gramma! This will be their 1st child, and my 7th grandchild. I very much look forward to seeing ‘OUR’ precious newborn igrandchild in these types of photos!!! Thanks for the outstanding ideas!

  2. 6
    Avatar Lili Flores says

    absolutely love them all! I shall have my future grandkids have their parents do these:)

  3. 7

    These are beautiful! The fist bump, the aviators, the guitar shot! I can’t take anymore, way too cute!

  4. 8
    Avatar Alicia Morkel says

    Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing it

  5. 9

    Absolutely beautiful! Made me tear up! Thank you for your creativity and for sharing it!