Teach Yourself To Knit!

Learn To Knit

A friend recently asked if I would teach her daughter to knit. I knit rather simply as a stress reliever and can’t imagine I’d be very good at teaching anyone else, but I started thinking about the books I pored over as a teenager teaching myself knitting and crocheting. I wished back then that I had someone to actually show me the stitches as I attempted to master them.

So since I can’t teach the skill, I’ve found five easy to follow videos that should set anyone up with the basics of knitting! With a ball of yarn and a pair of needles (try a worsted weight yarn and a needle size that matches the number on the yarn label) you’ll be practicing your knits and purls in no time.

The Basics – a knitting overview:

Starting Your Project – casting on:

The Next Step – the purl stitch:

With the basic knit stitch (from the first video) and this simple purl stitch, you’ll have the essential tools you’ll need to create wonderful knitted projects!

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Finishing Up – binding off:

Now grab your yarn and get practicing! I’ve been known to carry a ball of yarn in my purse to easily add a few more rows to simple squares throughout the week. Later, I put them all together into patchwork baby quilts. Great colorful project for practicing stitches!
And for fun – have you seen these giant chunky blankets and rugs floating around on Pinterest? I love them. Just think – with the skills you’ve learned from these videos, you could even make an eye-catching extra chunky afghan or area rug. Wouldn’t that be a conversation starter?

Are you ready? Ask any questions here in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. Now get to it – teach yourself to knit!

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