10 Free Knitting Patterns For Baby Shoes!

Is there anything more precious than itty bitty baby feet? Especially when they’re covered in soft, adorable hand-knit booties? Of course not!

If you’re a knitter and you have any small folk in your life, pull out your needles and half a skein of yarn. These ten free patterns for knit baby booties are perfect for the next set of crinkly little baby toes you’ll meet.

Knittable Baby Booties Patterns

1/ These simple cable knit booties are almost too perfect! (Cable Knit Booties from Epipa on Ravelry) 2/  With their tiny strap and button, these Mary Jane baby shoes will look precious with that baby girl’s new little dress. (Mary Jane Button Strap Shoes at Domesticspace) 3/ These folded shoes from renowned fiber artist Susan B. Anderson can be made in a jiffy, and they’re absolutely precious. Folded Cotton Booties at Susan B. Anderson (photo source)

Colorful knit baby shoes free patterns

4/ The fresh, clean lines of these simple Ugg-style baby boots ensure they’ll be your baby’s “go-to shoe” in those pre-walking days. (Knitted Baby Uggs #4) 5/ Now I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure every baby on the planet needs a pair of baby Converse, don’t you think? (Knit Baby Converse by Hillsmel on Ravelryphoto source)  6/ These magic slippers couldn’t be any easier when you need a quick baby gift. They’re also useful when finding a project to use up that scrap yarn! (Magic Slippers #6)

Soft and sweet baby booties - free knitting patterns

7/ These baby moccasins? I want them for myself! (Baby Moccasins #7) 8/ What little girlie doesn’t need some posies on her shoes? Bonus: this pattern offers a variation better suited to baby boys. (Booties #8) 9/ Classic and delicate, these floral patterned baby booties look nearly antique. (Delicate Floral Booties #9) 10/ Don’t miss the pattern from which these fold-over baby shoes came! Three patterns in one – a t-strap shoe, a precious white ruffled pair, and these folksy mocs! (Fold-over Folk Shoes #10)

Are any babies arriving soon into your world? Find a ball of soft yarn and get that little one started on his or her teeny tiny shoe collection!

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  1. 43
    Avatar Loraine Gowanlock says

    Oh, so very cute!

  2. 44

    I can;t wait to start knitting for my grandchild. who is awaiting twins so I`ll have plenty to do. Thank you for the patterns in English, I can`t seem
    to follow the German Patterns

  3. 45
    Avatar Margaret Cook says

    I would love to download these patterns they are so cute

  4. 46
    Avatar Angela Anstey says

    I love number 2 can’t wait to knit them

  5. 47
    Avatar Ambi Bamrah says

    These are beautiful would like to downldownloD the patterns. I will comment again after I have knitted them

  6. 48

    These are too cute for words

  7. 49
    Avatar lou Genese says

    please can I have the pattern for no. 8 &9 knitting shoes.
    Thank you.

    • 50
      Avatar Melissa Hillier says

      Hi Lou,

      If you click on the link within the article you will get the patterns from the original designers. Thank you for reading!


  8. 51
    Avatar Kathryn Lester says

    Just wanted you to know that the link for Sockpixies Magic Slippers is no longer valid. I did find the pattern for free through Ravelry thought. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/magic-slippers

    Hopefully this helps.

  9. 52

    love this site

  10. 53

    I am also trying to obtain the pattern but can’t find it so cute!!it is a relief to see I am not the only one I am disabled due to stroke and have had to resort to loom knitting but at least I can do that and I am greatful but still would love the pattern to convert it

  11. 54

    Fantastic little booties, knitting for charity at the moment, these are ideal.

  12. 55

    I would like to download the free knitting patterns Suzie’

  13. 56
    Avatar Dianne Villeneuve says

    Love these easy booties.. Would love to have patterns. How do get copies. tks Dianne

  14. 58

    I would like to knit all type of shoes

  15. 59
    Avatar tshering yuden says

    i love to knit all types

  16. 60

    How do I get the patterns for Bootees 1,2.9 and 10

    • 61

      Just click on the links to go to the individual websites that have the patterns available. The links to the knitting websites are under each picture after the number.

    • 62

      please tell me how do i get the patterns for 2 and the little boot that looks like a soccer boot and number 8 please would love to have them thankyou

      • 63
        Avatar Melissa Hillier says

        Hi Carol,

        There are links embedded within the post. Under the photo you will see the description of the baby shoe, click on that link. I hope that helps you!


  17. 64

    please may I have the patterns for 2 and 5
    thank you

  18. 66
    Avatar Liz Lewis says

    Please i desperately need the pattern for No 5

    Kind Regards

    • 67

      Just click the link under each post leading to the original pattern page. In this case you will notice the link in blue to #5 is Knit Baby Converse by Hillsmel on Ravelry – just click on the words to go to the free pattern! 😀

  19. 68

    Thank you for these free patterns. I knitted number 5 and my friends adore them. They make a lovely present for a stork party

  20. 69
    Avatar raewyn wells says

    Hi, I would love the pattern to number 1 and 4 please.

  21. 70

    i would like the pattern number 5

  22. 71
    Avatar Manuela Provnzano says

    Sorry I miss ,I found the patterns thanks

  23. 72

    Love these booties/shoes, would be perfect for my new grand daughter

  24. 73
    Avatar Beryl Cunningham says

    Iwould like this bootie pattern as it is lovely how do I get hold of it

  25. 75
    Avatar Beryl Cunningham says

    I would really like this pattern it is a lovely bootie to knit

  26. 76
    Avatar Michele Ferrier says

    how do I get the baby booties patterns; they are so cute!!!

    • 77

      Click the blue links under each of the photos to access the patterns on the original website. We don’t cut and paste from other sites, only highlight some of the fabulous finds from around the web so click through to check out the original blog where the tutorial is posted. 🙂

  27. 78
    Avatar donna alvarado says

    love love love this cute booties, I would love the patterns

  28. 79


    Could you please tell me how to find/download the patterns. Not having much success in finding them

    • 80

      Hey Liz! Click the links under all the photos to go to the original bloggers and patterns. We don’t copy patterns or recipes from hard working bloggers so we highlight our favorite and if you click the link you’ll be taken directly to their site! 🙂

  29. 81

    Is there a video tutorial for the Fold-over Folk Shoes as I am stuck on how to purl a stitch and pick up another from 7 rows below 🙁

  30. 83
    Avatar Ivie Walker says

    Love these! So cute!

  31. 84
    Avatar lise roy sylvain 17085 blvd lacroix st-georges beauce G5Y 8G9 says

    puis-je les avoir en francais…sinon comment je fais pour me les procurer en anglais, ils sont tous beaux, je veux les 10 patrons.
    Merci d,avance……

  32. 85

    Lovely – thank you. For the first pattern, be sure to scroll down for the english translations 🙂