Who Can It Be Now? Skybell Review and Giveaway

Safety, Security and Super-Cool Technology: Skybell Wifi Doorbell & Giveaway


Do you work from home?  Are you right in the middle of a conference call or getting into your work groove when you’re interrupted by someone at the door?


Now there is a solution – the Skybell Wifi Doorbell.  When someone presses the button on a Skybell doorbell, you get an alert on your mobile phone and it sends a live video stream to your phone to show you who is at the door.  You can also touch to talk to the person at the door right from your device if you’d like or you can even snap a picture.  How cool is that?



We received the Skybell Wifi Doorbell to try out and my husband and I totally love it.  He works from home and I work in an office but we both get to benefit from this tech-savvy device.  Along with my teenaged daughter, my husband and I added the Skybell mobile app to our phones.  It’s available for both Android and iPhone.  There is one login created for the Skybell device and then other members of the family can add the app and log in using the original account login info.  There are simple instructions to get the app set up and connected to your Skybell wifi doorbell.


If you want to add another Skybell device for another door on your house, that’s easy to do as well and you just add that device to your mobile app.  If you want to put a Skybell device at your parents or grandparents house, you can do that too and add the device to your app.  It’s nice piece of mind knowing you can make sure you know your loved ones are safe.


You can select to enable a variety of functions.  My favorites are On Demand Viewing, Motion Sensor or Disable Chime.


On-Demand Viewing – I can view my entry way no matter where I am. If I’m down in the basement or across the country on business, I can easily access my SkyBell video feed directly from the app!


Motion Sensor – Sometimes the delivery guys or mailmen have no need to ring my bell but now they can’t get away with just dropping something off without me knowing. As soon as they’re close enough to SkyBell, an alert is sent directly to me and I can even talk to them if I want. No more surprises and I’ll know if something has been left on the porch immediately.


Disable Chime – Picture this, you’ve just gotten the baby down for her nap but then the doorbell rings, the dogs start barking and that beautiful nap gets rudely interrupted.  Well, all you have to do is select Disable Chime and Skybell goes into silent mode.  The doorbell won’t ring in the house but you will get the alert on your phone and can decide whether you want to answer it.


Installing Skybell was really easy, too.  I had my husband do it since he’s really handy but as I watched him do it, I was sure that I could have done it myself.   The camera has a 120-130 degrees range of field and the camera resolution is 640×480 which is definitely clear enough to see anyone at the door.  It also has special night vision viewing so you can see who is there even if it’s dark outside. I like that you can also snap a picture of anyone at your door as well.


The other night, my kids came home and rang the doorbell and I was still stuck at work.  I answered the Skybell alert on my phone then live streamed the video and I was able to talk with them to tell them to pick up the key at the neighbors house.


Skybell’s website has a really great FAQ page that can answers the questions you may have about setting it up or how it works.  For a retail price of just $199, I was so pleased with how this device worked and


SkyBell only costs $199, which I think is very reasonable given all that it has to offer. (I think I’m going to be getting one for our front door as well.) And here’s the best part? They’re letting me give one lucky reader their very own SkyBell!


To enter, simply leave a comment on our Facebook page, telling me which feature listed on their website you’d love to try!  Winners will be chosen from all comments by May 8th.

This is a sponsored post as part of my One2One Network membership.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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    i need this for when hubby is deployed or tdy. I work at home and don’t always want to answer the door. Would also help with teens who like ding dong ditch all hours of the night

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    I have a glass front door and it would be great to see who was there without them seeing me.