10 Cherry Desserts Recipes

Did you know that February is National Cherry Month?  Its true!  Its the month that we get to celebrate the delicious red fruit in all its glory.  Cherries are full of great antioxidants and fiber!  We love to wash them and then eat them straight out of the bowl, pulling the pits out as we go.  We also love to bake with them!  Cherries make sure a great ingredient in desserts!  Whether you prefer sweet or tart, these 10 cherry desserts recipes are sure to help you celebrate this month!

Cherry Cheesecake in a Jar - Mason jar recipe

Cherry Cheesecake in a Jar

This dessert is no bake!  Toss everything in a mason jar and serve it up.  How awesome is that?

Chocolate Cherry Tarts Recipe - Yum!

 Chocolate Cherry Tarts

You don’t have to tell anyone, but these tarts are good for you!  They are light and full of cherry goodness!

Cherry Thumbprints Cookie Recipe

 Cherry Thumbprint Cookies

A sugar cookie with a cherry center.  What could be better?

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Black Forest Cupcakes - Chocolate and cherries, what could be better!

Black Forest Cupcakes

Chocolate and cherries just seem to go together so perfectly.  These black forest cupcakes combine the two so well!

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies for Unique Dessert Recipe

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another great chocolate and cherry treat!  Add the sweet combination to a cookie and watch them fly off the counter!

 Sweet Cherry Almond Cookie Cars

Sweet Cherry Cookie Bars

These crumbly sweet cherry cookie bars are chocked full of flavor!  Sliced almonds add a nutty flavor to them.

 Cherry Fudge Brownies

Cherry Fudge Brownies

Ooey, gooey cherry fudge brownies!  The brownies look amazing and then you bite into a hidden cherry!

 Chocolate Covered Cherry Popsicles

Chocolate Covered Cherry Popsicles

A chocolate covered cherry popsicle is the perfect way to celebrate National Cherry Month!

 Cherry and Vanilla Milkshake

Cherry and Vanilla Shake

Or you can serve up a cherry and vanilla shake!  This one can be for breakfast or dessert!

 Chocolate Cream Puffs with Cherry Almond Filling

Chocolate Cream Puffs with Cherry Almond Filling

Another amazing chocolate and cherry recipe!  These little puffs may be the perfect cherry dessert!

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