10 Green Treats for Saint Patrick’s Day

Everything is turning green this time of the year!  And I’m not talking about the grass or the flowers just yet.  What I’m referring to is the green treats that everyone is making in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.  I think its fun to celebrate the holidays with a special treat, whether for the kids or just for adults.  If you have a party its always neat to see everyone talking about the festive food.  Plus, the kids always love creating something colorful in the kitchen.  If you are looking to add a little green to your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, be sure to check out these 10 green treats!


1/ Mint Chocolate Chip Glazed Popcorn // Mint is perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day treats!


2/ Bailey’s Irish Puppy Chow // These are for adults, but the Bailey’s can be omitted for a kid friendly version.


3/ Saint Patrick’s Day Cake Pops // Now these are fun and super easy to make!

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5/ Lucky Mint Steamer // A drink covered in Lucky Charms and whipped cream is sure to be a  Saint Patrick’s Day winner!

Leprechaun Shakes 4

5/ Leprechaun Shakes // Or try this fun version for a festive Saint Patrick’s Day drink!


6/ Saint Patrick’s Day Beer Bread // No tricks on this one, just a hearty beer bread to share.


7/ Key Lime Pie in a Jar // Avoid getting pinched this year by handing out these awesome pies in a jar!

Pot of gold Pistachio Cookies 2

8/ Pot-o-Gold Pistachio Pudding Cookies // These cookies have all the good stuff!


9/ Saint Patrick’s Day Chocolate Covered Oreos // Can’t go wrong with these double green Oreos.

Lucky leprechaun munch

10/ Lucky Leprechaun Munch // This just might be what is at the end of the rainbow.

Whether you are throwing a party or just celebrating the day with family, these green treats are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!  What one are you going to try first?

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