10 Recipes For Smoothies

Smoothies? Are the yum. I love starting my day with a delicious smoothie, chock full of fruits (and sometimes veggies!). I have smoothie recipes bookmarked for when we need extra vitamin C or a smoothie recipe for getting extra protein in our diets.

My boys love them, too. (Okay, some more than others.)  Once one of my bigger boys asked if there was ice cream in his strawberry banana smoothie.  No, dear. That’s the beauty of blending a bunch of delicious flavors together. It’s a real treat.We also call that a motherhood win!

Interested in some of my favorite smoothie recipes? Good! Because I’ve compiled ten of my favorite delicious and healthy smoothie recipe links just for YOU. Enjoy!

Protein Shake and Fruit Smoothie Recipes

1.) Peach Cobbler Protein Shake by Dashing Dish. 2.) Healthy Protein Smoothies by Cooking Classy.  3.) Strawberry Cheesecake by Made Just Right.

4.)  Orange Push-Up Smoothie by Averie Cooks.

Delicious and tropical smoothie recipes

1.) Mango, Banana, and Orange Smoothie by Citron Limette.  2.) Baked Apple Smoothie by My Little Celebration.  3.) Pineapple Smoothie by Taste of Home.

Unique and quick smoothies to make for a quick breakfast or snack

1.) Make Ahead Smoothies by Baked Bree.  2.) Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie by The Tidy Nest.  3.) Green Smoothie by My Darling Lemon Thyme.

I’m always looking for more smoothie combos to add to my repertoire. You have some? Yay! Share it with me over on our Facebook page. Thanks!


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