11 recipes for the grill

Looking for an easy meal?  Check out these 11 recipes that are perfect for grilling!

11 recipes for the grillI have to admit – I’m not ready for summer to end just yet!  I complain about the heat a lot but that’s expected when you live in South Texas.  We have days that where the temperatures reach 100 degrees and then we have 100 perfect humidity on top of that.  It get’s a bit toasty down here.

But I just love love love the summer food!  And when I say I love summer food I mean I love to grill.  There is less mess, less heat in the house and you end up with one delicious meal.  Are you a fellow grill lover?  Perfect!  Here are 11 recipes for the grill!


Grilled BBQ chicken pizza // You can’t go wrong with pizza in our house and if some of it is made on the grill?  Even better!


Mediterranean grilled shrimp // Kebabs are one of my favorite things to grill.  They are so easy to prep and it’s literally a full meal on a stick!


Balsamic grilled chicken // Chicken is a staple in our house so this balsamic grilled chicken will be happening asap!


Grilled eggplant Parmesan // I love love love when you can grill other things besides meat.  This grilled eggplant is going on my “must make immediately” list!

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Grilled BBQ bacon meatloaf sandwich // There are so many delicious elements to this sandwich I don’t even know where to start!  (Maybe with that drippy egg!)


The best grilled chicken // Joyful healthy eats claims this is the best grilled chicken, and I believe her!  It looks heavenly!


Grilled sweet potato salad // I love that this easy side can be made on the grill!


Cilantro lime grilled shrimp // These shrimp kabobs are calling my name!


Tequila grilled chicken // I love the tequila marinade that spoonful of flavor uses for this easy grilled chicken!


Easy grilled pork recipe // Easy and grilled?  This pork is a winner winner guess what we’re having for dinner type of recipe!

Grilled pound cake

Grilled pound cake // And just in case you wanted to use your grill to make dessert – grilled pound cake for the win!

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