11 unique back to school lunch ideas

11 unique back to school lunch ideas to get you through the school year!

11 unique Back to school lunch ideas

It’s hard to believe that it’s back to school time.  I feel like summer just started and we were excited to stay up late and play in the pool.  It’s time to switch gears and focus on getting prepped for the new school year though.  One of the big things is back to school lunches.  If you are looking for unique back to school lunch ideas, you’re in luck!  I have gathered 11 great ideas that go beyond the plain ham and cheese sandwich.


Easy baked mac and cheese cups  // I love that you can make a big batch of these and have them ready for the week.


Pizza pasta salad // Have a picky eater?  I bet they will LOVE this yummy pizza pasta salad!


Baked corn tortilla cheese dogs // I love the combination of tortilla, hot dogs and cheese.  And I bet your kiddos will too!


Copycat lunchable // My kids love lunchables, so we make these copycats all the time.  They are healthier and cheaper!  Two of my favorite things.


Homemade stuffed pizza pockets // Want to make pizza portable for your kiddos?  Try these stuffed pizza pockets!

PB Nutella Sandwiches 5 words

PB and Nutella sandwich cakes // Such a fun treat to send to school!  My kids would absolutely love these sandwiches!


Mini cinnamon apple pancakes // I love the idea of breakfast for lunch!  These mini pancakes are just the thing to cure the back to school lunchbox blues.


Pizza crackers // In a rush to get lunch together?  Pizza crackers to the rescue!  They only take a few minutes to  make and are great in lunchboxes.


Pizza rolls // Another great lunch item that can be made a day or two ahead of time and used throughout the week.  You may need to make a double batch though!


Mini taco tortilla cups // If you have an adventurous eater then they will love these taco tortilla cups!  Fill them with your kiddos favorite toppings and they are good to go.


Mini pizza lunchable // This is another lunchable copycat made healthier by using sandwich thins and a secret ingredient.  Just kidding, I used ketchup!


7 healthy lunch ideas // Just in case you were looking for more lunch ideas, we have 7 healthy ones just for you!


20 amazing school lunches for kids // Do you bento?  We have over 20 awesome bento ideas that are perfect for back to school lunches!


Lunchbox letters // And in case you needed a free lunchbox printable to send with your kiddos lunch, we have you covered there too!  Check out these super cute lunchbox letters.

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