20 After School Snacks for Kids

20 After School Snack Recipes for Kids

First we showed you 20 Amazing School Lunch for Kids to get them through their busy school day in a fun way, but what do you do about the after school tummy rumble?  I don’t know about your kids, but mine come home from school starving, some days I feel like I need to give them a second lunch they are so hungry.

We also need snacks that can be taken to after school activities, enjoyed while they are doing homework, and that while get them through until dinnertime.

We’ve got 20 delicious after school snacks your kids will be racing home for.

Fruit face after school snack

Turn vegetables and fruit into funny faces. Try pineapple ring eyes with blueberries inside, a banana mouth, and a strawberry nose. Recipe can be found here: How to Get Your Child to Eat Healthy Food.

Apple smiles healthy after school snacks
Don’t save fun foods just for parties. Kids will love creating these fun after school snacks including apple  smiles, candy sushi, and cupcake cones. Recipe can be found here:  Party Food for Kids to Create.

Blueberry muffin after school snack

Make up a batch of these delicious blueberry banana muffins and freeze some so you have after school snacks at the ready. You will just need to defrost a few while the kids are at school. Recipe can be found here: Blueberry Banana Muffins.

Celery sticks after school healthy snack
Snacks don’t have to be boring. There are great tips here for getting creative with fruit and veggies, including juicing them. Recipe can be found here:  Creative Ways to Get Your Family to Eat More Veggies.

chocolate and peanut butter bars after school snack
With chocolate chips, Graham cracks, Ritz crackers, and peanut butter who wouldn’t love these special treats? Recipe can be found here:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.

Frozen Fruit sorbet after school snackDon’t looking to cook, or need a  a snack in a hurry? This delicious and refreshing frozen fruit sorbet can be made in about 5 minutes. Recipe can be found here: Frozen Fruit Sorbet.

Fruit salad after school snack

Fresh fruit salad is perfect for a summer after school treat, especially on hot summer days. Recipe can be found here: Fruit Salad.

healthy after school snack

My kids love fruit leather, but did you know you could make it at home with just 2 simple ingredients?  Recipe can be found here:  Fruit Leather.

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Homemade granola bars after school snack

These homemade granola bars are perfect snacks for kids on the go. Take them to sports practice, or enjoy this healthy treat while doing homework. Recipe can be found here:  Homemade Granola Bars.

Homemade ice cream after school snack

This homemade no churn ice cream is made in a sandwich bag, and it contains Oreo’s. Perfect. Recipe can be found here: Homemade Ice Cream.

lemonade cookies after school snack

Your little lemonade lover is sure to love this yummy summer treat. Recipe can be found here:  Lemonade Cookies

Mini pizzas after school snack

Shamrock Pizzas are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Get the kids involved topping their own mini pizzas for a fun after school snack.  Recipe can be found here:  Mini Pizzas.

muffins for after school snack

These 7 muffin recipes are sure to please even the pickiest of muffin eaters.  Recipe can be found here:  7 Muffin Recipes.

Playdoh cookies after school snack

How many colors of play-doh cookies can you make? Add a lollipop stick to turn these fun cookies into Lollipop Cookies. Recipe can be found here:  Colorful Play-Doh Cookies.

rainbow fruit plate after school snack

You could also make these yummy rainbow fruit plates using peaches, green grapes, mango, and a variety of other fruits.  Recipe can be found here: Rainbow Fruit Plate.

rainbow pudding after school snack

These rainbow pudding cups are so colorful and fun kids are going to love them. Recipe can be found here:  Rainbow Pudding.

smoothie after school snack

Create your own delicious smoothies at home. How many flavors can you make? Try these Sweet ‘n Tart Smoothies Recipe can be found here:  <a ” href=”http://blissfullydomestic.com/food-bliss/recipes-food-bliss/back-to-school-breakfastsmoothies-and-muffins/126421/2/” target=”_blank”>Sweet ‘n Tart Smoothie

snickerdoodles after school snack

Snickerdoodles and a cold glass of milk make for a yummy after school treat. I’d love a couple of these with a cup of tea too.  Recipe can be found here:  Snickerdoodles.

snowy trail mix after school snack

Prepare ahead of time, or have your little helpers help make this when they get home, they will love choosing their own ingredients.  Recipe can be found here:  Snowy Trail Mix.

strawberry muffin after school snack

Picked up a few extra strawberries at the market? Here’s a delicious way to use them.  Recipe can be found here:  Strawberry Muffins

Looking for more after school snack tips for your kids?

What’s your favorite healthy after school snack? Share in the comments!

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    That sorbet looks delicious! I really want to try making sorbet one day. I also love the lollipop cookies. I saw people posting them on facebook the other day. They look so artistic!