20 Amazing School Lunches for Kids

20 Amazing School Lunches for Kids

We all would love to impress our children with elaborate Bento boxes, but in reality, most parents are incredibly busy, especially in the mornings, and are after lunches that are still fun, but also quick to make.

I’ve rounded up 20 amazing school lunches for kids that are not only fun, but they are also fairly quick to make, and kids will love them.


Teddy Bear Lunch.  My kids especially love this Nutella teddy bear sandwich, surrounded by a corn sun, blueberry sky, and grape and lettuce grass. The ground is made of Tiny Teddy biscuits, fruit strips, and Cheerios.


Holiday Lunches.  Take a look at these 5 themed Bento boxes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and Birthday’s. Source: 5 Most Adorable Themed Bento Lunches.


Turkey Lunch.   Perfect for Thanksgiving, this cute turkey lunch is sure to put a smile on your kids faces. Source:   Turkey Bento.


Butterfly Garden Lunch.  You can imagine my daughter’s delight when I gave her this lunch. It’s perfect for welcoming Spring.  Source:  Butterfly Garden Lunch.


Car Bento.  Those fun little cheese racing cars are the perfect size to enjoy on crackers.  Source:  Car Bento.

Christmas Bento.   What a wonderful way to ring in the holiday season. Gingerbread pizzas, ornament tomatoes, snowflake
cheese bites, sprinkled blueberries, and a decorated snowman marshmallow.  Source:  Christmas Bento.


Dinosaur Lunch. With homemade trail mix, fruit, vegetables, and a dinosaur sandwich, your little dinosaur lover is sure to be impressed.  Source: Dinosaur Lunch.


Duck Bento.  Adorable ducks are made from cucumber, cheese, and sandwiches with cookie cutters, then the cookie cutter is used to hold other food too.  Source: Duck Bento.


Cute Chick Sandwich.  He’s almost too cute to nibble on. This adorable chick sandwich is perfect for Easter, or Spring. Source:  Cute Chick Sandwich.

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Easter Lunch.  How cute is this bunny? I especially love the egg bunny. What a great idea. Kids are sure to love the
special treat too.  Source:  Easter Lunch.

Fall Bento.  I love the addition of colorful sprinkles around the cheese leaf on this fun Fall Bento.  Source: Fall Bento.


Flower Lunch.  My daughter loves this lunch. Silicone baking cups are perfect for creating a flower and leaves filled with fresh fruit or vegetables.


Frog Prince Bento. How fun is this Frog Prince Bento, from the icing eyes and cheese crown on the frog, to the ‘ants on a
log’.  Source: Frog Prince Bento

Kids Lunches by Color. How many different foods of the same color can you fit in your kids lunchbox? Source:  Planning Kids Lunches by Color Lunch Tray.


Cafeteria Inspired. Just like the school cafeteria this fun, and healthy lunch idea is sure to please the kids. Source: Back To School Lunch Idea


Sea Life Lunch. This simple Sea Life Lunch is made by cutting a sandwich with a fish-shaped cookie cutter. There is also fruit strip seaweed, blueberries make fun bubbles, and the top section is filled with Goldfish crackers and Cheerios.

Simple Container Lunch. The possibilities are endless with small tubs for food such as rolled ham, cubed cheese, and grapes. Source:  Container Lunch


St. Patrick’s Day Lunch. Fun cheese sandwich shaped with cookie cutters, and a rainbow of fruit make up the main section of this lunchbox. Kids will loving digging for for chocolate ‘treasure’ in the trail mix section.


Summer Bento.  How fun is this Summer Bento. I love the ice-cream sandwich, and cucumber flowers. I want to take this lunch poolside.  Source:  Summer Bento


Colorful and Healthy Lunch. With lots of tips for creating colorful, fun, and healthy lunches you will be called WonderMom.  Source: School Lunches That Will Make You a WonderMom

Aren’t these all great?  Kids will love them.   I have to say that one of my favorites is the Summer Bento.  My kids would love this, especially being big fans of an Australia favorite called fairy bread which is sprinkles on bread.  The ice-cream shape takes it to a whole new level though.   Which one is your favorite?

What is your favorite Back to School lunch tips? Share in comments!

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