5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Beets

Five Amazing Ways to Use Beets

Beets have such a bad rep, but they are such a versatile vegetable. Or is it a root? Whatever it is, you can do some pretty neat things with them!

Are you ready to see five amazing things you can do with beets?

Chocolate Beet Cake - Healthy Desserts

1. Chocolate Beet Cake from Pastry Affair

I can officially say that making a cake out of beets makes it delectably moist without even a hint of beet flavor. Kristin makes this chocolate cake look incredible. The only way you’d ever know it was made with beets is by the beautiful powdered sugar artistry on the top!

Make a Homemade Beet Stamp

2. Beet Stamp by Edible Perspective

Even if you don’t like the taste of beets, you can still be quite creative with them! Ashley teaches us how to hand carve a beet to make sweet homemade cards. What a great conversation starter that card will be!

Baked Beet Chips for Nutritious Snacks

3. Baked Beet Chips from A Cozy Kitchen

Who knew beets could make a great sweet or salty snack? Adrianna teaches us how to create the perfectly baked beet chip with her technique of placing a baking sheet on top of the sliced beets while baking, keeping them nice and flat!

Beet Pancakes

4. Red Beet Pancakes by Weelicious

Used as a natural dye, beets make these pancakes come to life as a gorgeous ‘beet red’ color. What a great way of hiding vegetables in your breakfast, too. These would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or even Christmas!

Beet Dumplings Pasta Dish

5. Beet Dumplings by Pure Vegetarian

If you’ve never made homemade pasta, now’s the time to start! Lakshmi gives a great guide to making these beautiful beet dumplings (ravioli), not to mention, her photographs are spectacular.

 What are some of your favorite spring vegetables?

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