5 Most Adorable Themed Bento Lunches

Do you Bento?

Bento” originates from the Southern Song Dynasty slang term 便當 (pinyin: biàndāng), meaning “convenient” or “convenience.” – source Wikipedia

Over the past couple of the years Bento lunches have been rapidly gaining popularity here in the States; you can even buy an entire ‘how to bento’ book on Amazon called; Yum-Yum Bento Box.

I must admit that I’m becoming increasingly fond of Bento – for as long as my daughter has been eating ‘big girl’ lunches, I’ve used cookie cutters to make her sandwiches and decorated her plates and lunch boxes with fruits and veggies. Now that she’s older, I’ve been wanting to get more creative.

While searching for inspiration, I’ve stumbled across some amazingly adorable and creative Bento – these are my 5 favorite Themed Bento Lunches from flickr

Halloween Bento

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Happy Birthday Bento

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Valentine’s Bento

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Thanksgiving Bento

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Halloween Bento II

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Do you Bento?  I’d love to hear your experiences and favorite ways to Bento! 

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