7 Taco Tuesday Recipe Ideas

One thing that I love is trying new recipes.  I was born and raised in South Texas so I am a huge taco lover.  You can toss practically anything in a tortilla and call it a taco.  And I will most likely try it because I love tacos that much.  We make tacos at home often so I am excited to try some of these Taco Tuesday recipe ideas.  And if you really wanted to you can try one new taco recipe per day for a week!  You can never have too many tacos, right?

7 Layer Taco Recipe for Taco Tuesday

1.  7 Layer Tacos // The bigger the taco, the better, right?  Absolutely!

Rotisserie Chicken Taco Dinner Recipe

2. Rotisserie Chicken Tacos // These tacos look perfect for using up leftover chicken.

Quinoa Taco Bowl Recipe

3. Quinoa Taco Bowls // These taco bowls are meatless and still protein packed because of the quinoa!  And full of flavor too!

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Texas Tacos for BIG Taco Tuesday flavor

4. Texas Tacos // I love anything that has Texas in its name, especially if its tacos!  So of course I love these Texas tacos!

Turkey Taco Skillet - taco in a bowl is a great taco night recipe option!

5. Turkey Taco Skillet // Another thing I love is a whole meal made in one pot!  Just like this turkey taco skillet.  Tacos  + one pot = heaven.

Greek Lentil Tacos

6. Greek Lentil Tacos // I love the combination of Greek and Mexican foods in these tacos!

Salmon Tacos - healthy taco night recipe

7. Salmon Tacos // Another fun take on the classic taco, these salmon tacos sound divine!

If you are like me then you are already writing down a shopping list of things you need to try most (if not all) of these taco recipes.  Tacos are a great way to use leftovers, to sneak in new foods and to make even the pickiest eaters happy.  And now comes the hard part, what new Taco Tuesday recipe idea are you going to try first?

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