A Halloween Party Spread

When planning a Halloween party one of the most important things you will be organizing is food.  Here are a few tips for preparing a Halloween party spread your guests will love.

Party theme:  Keep these things in mind when preparing your party food.

  • Do you have a theme for your party?
  • Will there be children, or is this an adult or teenage party?
  • Are you open to a pot luck?
  • Do you prefer a sit down Halloween dinner party, or are finger foods and mingling the way you like to entertain?

Here are some fun treats and tips that are simple, and bound to please.


  • Creamy Orange Punch
  • Tip: Place beverage in a drink dispenser or large jug.  Using black card and removable poster tape attach a fun jack-o-lantern face to your dispenser.

Ghost Marshmallow Pops:

  • Melt white candy melts, or white chocolate.
  • Insert a lollipop stick into a large marshmallow and dip into the melted candy or chocolate.
  • Attach candy eyes.

Puff Pastry Fingers:

  • What you need: Puff pastry sheets, Hillshire Farm Lit’l Wieners, and sliced almonds.
  • Wrap each Lit’l Wiener in a piece of puff pastry.  Attach an almond for the finger.  Using a knife cut 3 slits in the finger (for the knuckles).  Bake at 350F until slightly browned.
  • Serve warm with bowls of ketchup.

Spider Web Cupcakes:

  • Bake your favorite chocolate cupcakes and set aside to cool.
  • Frost each cupcake with a layer of vanilla icing, smoothing it with a knife so it isn’t too bumpy.
  • Beginning in the center of each cupcake make a spiral of black Wilton sparkle gel.  Using a wooden skewer drag a line from the center of the cupcake to the outer edge.  Repeat 4-5 times to create a spider web appearance on the icing.

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Swamp Creature Jelly:

  • Prepare green jelly according to the package directions.  Keep in mind one regular packet will fill 3 jars.  Pour jelly into canning jars and refrigerate until set.
  • You will need one large marshmallow for each jar.  Cut each marshmallow in half.  Using a black food writer pen draw a center on each eye.  Pop the eyes on top of the jelly right before serving.

Frankenstein Popcorn:

  • I was inspired by the post Creative Ways to Decorate for a Halloween Party to make this green popcorn Frankenstein.  You can find a great recipe for Green Candied Popcorn on Skip to My Lou.
  • Decorate a glass container with black construction paper and removable poster tape, then fill with the green popcorn.

Looking for more ideas for your Halloween Party spread?  Try these:

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