Ants on a Log {Earth Day}

Ants on a Log for Earth Day Snacks

I think almost every kid has had an Ants on a Log as a snack at one point or another (Well, I guess not the peanut allergy prone. Almond butter?). I can’t even begin to count the number I had as a kid. Shoot, it’s even a great mommy snack, now!

Ants on a Log for Earth Day SnacksThis tasty snack is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! Completely inspired by all things living, you can make it a lesson about life and saving our planet.

It’s a great interactive snack, too. You can prep the celery with the peanut butter and have your kids put the raisins (ants) on the log! For the more adventurous, you can practice counting the ants as they hop on the log and hop off into those bellies!

Ants on a Log for Earth Day Snacks

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Ants on a Log


  • celery, cleaned and trimmed
  • creamy peanut butter
  • raisins


  1. Make sure your celery stalks are dry.
  2. Prepare your peanut butter by placing some in a ziplock bag with a small hole cut out of one end.
  3. Squeeze a line of peanut butter along the inside of your celery.
  4. Place raisins along the peanut butter line.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Ants on a Log for Earth Day SnacksHappy Earth Day!

What are you doing to help our environment?

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    Avatar Melissa Hillier says

    I was wondering how you got your peanut butter spread on there so pretty…the ziploc bag trick! Love it!