Back To School Lunch Ideas

Back to school time means packing nutritious lunches that kids will actually want to eat, five days a week!

The very thought of that sends shivers of fear down even the most confident and seasoned parents’ spines.

Not only do these lunches need to be fun and appealing to the kids, but they should also provide a good and delicious source of calcium and vitamin D.

Lunch Ideas

I thought that I’d share some of my favorite tips for healthy back to school lunches and snacks, too.

  • My elementary schooler and pre-schooler are both big on bite size finger foods: I cube cheese and put it in one container, halve grapes and put them in another, roll lunch meat, cut it and put it in another container, and add baby carrots or broccoli florets to another container and pack all this with an ice pack in their lunch boxes.  They each have skim and 1% water available to them at their schools.
  • I collect cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes and I use them to make puzzle sandwiches, heart shaped cheeses, flower sandwiches and more.  The smile on my kids’ faces when they open their lunch boxes, is worth the extra few minutes this takes – plus, their lunch boxes are always empty when they bring them back home!
  • Coffee stirrer (mini straws) are a fabulous way to create colorful, fun lunches chock full of cheeses, veggies, fruits and more.   Kids love to help build these skewers, choose the patterns (hello learning tools) and eating them is just as much fun!

What do you think?



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    I love the sandwich kabobs idea I got from Simple as That ( Just the idea of a sandwich on a stick is a fun change for kids, and they love it! Plus the extra added bonus of it being healthy. 🙂

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    try remaking a less healthy favorite food into a healthier version:
    pb&j: use 100% natural whole wheat bread, organic nut butter with no added sugars/fats, and fresh berries instead of jam
    pizza: use a whole wheat english muffin topped with all natural tomato sauce, chopped veggies, and low fat cheese
    chips: toss chickpeas with olive oil, salt, and spices; bake until crisp