The Best Greens for You

It’s the New Year!  Time to start fresh and be your best self yet!  Did you make a resolution to eat better this year?  I know I did!  One way I’m doing that is by adding more greens into my diet.  Salads, wraps, sandwiches.  Whatever I can do to get more green in my diet – I’m trying!  Are you looking to add a little more green in your diet this year?  Great!  I’m sharing the best greens for you along with some easy recipes.  Eat your leafy greens

Kale – The superstar.  It seems like everyone is talking about kale lately.  It can help stimulate your immune system and is full of vitamins A, C and K.  It also helps with vision and blood clotting.  It can be seen in salads, on top of pizzas, in casseroles and everywhere you would use regular lettuce!

Recipe Ideas:

Collard greens – A southern favorite!  But what is it and how do you cook it?  Well, you can simmer if with garlic and butter as a side or use the firm leaves as shells for tacos or wraps!  No matter how you choose to use this power green just know that it is full of cholesterol-reducing, cancer-fighting goodness!

Recipe Ideas:

Arugula – The spicy one.  Arugula is a spicy power packed green that is usually used in moderation.  It has a strong flavor that is great on pizzas or as an addition in salads.  It also packs a punch health wise, helping build the immune system and helps provide bone growth.

Recipe Ideas:

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Spinach – If I had to pick a favorite green, it would be spinach.  It’s mild, low in calories and so versatile.  It helps improve things like red blood cell function, lowers heart rate and blood pressure and is high in vitamins.  Plus at only 40 calories per cup you can literally put it on and in everything!  Its great on salads, in pastas, pizzas, dips and casseroles.

Recipe ideas:

Swiss Chard – One of the more sturdy greens, Swiss chard comes in an array of colors.  It is used in soups, stir fry and pastas because of the thick green leaves.  No matter how its prepared, it helps maintain connective tissue and control sugar levels.  Its packed full of essential vitamins and is often used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Recipe ideas:

Romaine Lettuce – Probably one of the more common greens, Romaine lettuce is still a great healthy addition.  It helps maintain heart health and build strong bones.  It is frequently seen in salads, but can be a great addition to casseroles, sandwiches, wraps and pastas!

Recipe ideas:

What are your favorite Greens? Do you have a favorite recipe or sneaky way of slipping them in to meals? Share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page


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