5 Blissful Entertaining Tips

Having people over for dinner can be stressful.  Here are a few tips to making hospitality a joy!

1. Don’t worry too much about having the perfect house.

I am the mother of four young children and any true friend of mine knows that there will be run-away crumbs on the floor occasionally, the rugs will not be perfectly straightened, and a stray toy is likely.  What they come for is the company.  I do not want to be harried when they arrive due to stressing over things they couldn’t care less about.

2. Concentrate on one central area of your home and focus especially on it.

For instance, when we have people over, we stay in the kitchen and dining area 95% of the time.  I work hard on making those two areas visually appealing.  A clean table cloth, shining counters and sink, and swept floor gives the room we visit in a cheery look!  Any special touches such as scented candles or fresh flowers in a vase add charm and coziness.

3. Delegate food needs.

When we invite our friends over and they ask what they can bring, we oblige!  Oftentimes I ask our guests to bring the salad or dessert.  If your mother-in-law is known for her apple pie, ask her to bring that.  If your best friend since high school makes mouth-watering rolls, then allow her to show off her baking expertise.  There is no need to do everything yourself and people do not mind helping out.

4. Be flexible.

Life always seems to throw curve balls right when we least want them. Entertaining guests is no exception.  If your chicken pot pie comes out a flop, don’t be afraid to call in the pizza delivery guy to rescue the day.  If your dining room ceiling starts leaking, take dinner outside!  Friends are running late?  Feed the kids dinner anyway and sneak in a small snack so you are ready with enough energy to be the perfect host.

5. Unexpected guests?

A quick wipe down of the bathroom and a fresh hand towel works wonders at giving it that just cleaned look and only takes a couple of minutes.  While you are in the bathroom, you can take the opportunity to freshen up as well.  Come out with a smile and no one can tell that you hadn’t been expecting company!

What tips do you have that makes showing hospitality easier?

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    Excellent tips! I have 4 also and we rarely entertain anymore because of the sheer amount of work making yummy food AND keeping the house clean all at once. Great ideas!

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    great advice Kelly
    I really needed to read this .