Even More FROZEN Party Ideas

How can a movie that features so much wintry snow be so HOT? Disney’s FROZEN is the number one animated movie of all time! And, we just don’t see the snowball effect of it’s popularity slowing down anytime soon. A couple of months ago I shared a round-up of FROZEN Party Ideas for your little princess’s next birthday celebration. In the time since publication, hundreds of new ideas have been floating around the internet. Everything from decorations to dessert ideas, perfect party favors to kids crafts galore, and I’m going to share a bunch of them with you today!

Snowman Party Invites  for a Frozen party

/1/ Olaf FROZEN Birthday Invitations – Before you can fully plan a party, you need to invite the guests. Have your birthday girl pass these out to her classmates or door-to-door to her friends worth melting for.

Disney's Frozen Party Favor

/2/ FROZEN Peg Dolls – I put these second because these may take a little prep time. Order the peg dolls, buy the paint and then take the time to paint them…but, imagine the eyes of the little ones you surprise with these cuties!

Queen Elsa or Princess Anna tiara for party

/3/ Queen Elsa Crowns – Every little girl at the party will feel like a queen when she receives a tiara as a party favor. With only a few supplies, these crowns will be finished in a snap!

Frozen Necklace for Dress Up  or as a party favor

/4/ FROZEN Inspired Necklace – I’ve stopped giving the commercial party loot bags filled with candy and trinkets that will be lost or tossed. Instead, I like to give party favors that will {hopefully} be used and/or treasured for a length of time. This FROZEN Inspired Necklace is the perfect favor to give to the little girls who come to the party.

Snowglobe Party Favor Kids Craft

/5/ Olaf Snow Globe Party Favor – Need a craft for big kids to do? This Olaf Snow Globe will keep them entertained for a good long while.

Disneys Frozen dress up idea

/6/ Anna Apron Tutorial – Every year, I like for my birthday child to dress in the party’s theme. If you’re even a little bit crafty, you can make this Anna apron. What I like best about this dress-up option is that you can remove the apron for cake eating {so it doesn’t get messy} and then put it back on.

Fun Party Game for Frozen

/7/ Printable FROZEN Scavenger Hunt – When I was a kid I loved going on scavenger hunts with my friends. I can’t remember the last time I even heard of a group of kids going on a scavenger hunt. This changes now! Even if the hunt has to be indoors, this FROZEN inspired scavenger hunt is going to be epic!

Anna's Frozen Heart Strawberry Party Treat

/8/ Anna’s FROZEN Heart Strawberry Treats – I love it when I come across a clever idea such as these Frozen Hearts. Simple white chocolate strawberries are all you need for this dessert table treat.

Frozen snow party decoration

/9/ Sparkle Snow – For a fun, hands-on activity to keep the little ones busy, have a batch of this Sparkle Snow ready for play. They can make snowballs or just run their fingers through it for fun! If you’re a homeschool or preschool mom, this would be an excellent sensory activity.

Disney's Princess Anna Birthday Party Decoration

/10/ Anna Dessert Table – While doing a search for the latest and greatest FROZEN Party Ideas, I was hard-pressed to find much for only Anna. Elsa and Olaf seem to have stolen the show. When I found this beautiful Anna Inspired Dessert Table I had to share it with you. I just love that it’s ALL about Anna!

Disney's Frozen Olaf Party Favor

/11/ Olaf Sock Snowman – Another party favor that will be played with far longer than the traditional party favor gifts, this Olaf Sock Snowman. You can create these prior to the party or make these with the party-goers.

Frozen Disney's Dessert Table  with a fun Olaf jello

/12/ Olaf Jello Salad – This Jello dish is going to be the perfect centerpiece on your dessert table at your FROZEN birthday party. Olaf is “floating” around in the perfect summer pool!

Water Station for Disney's Frozen Birthday Party

/13/ Melted Snowman Water Station – Oh no! Olaf melted! This water station is the perfect place to display a melted snowman. Hopefully, this was just one of Olaf’s long-lost relatives.

Disney's Frozen Elsa Gift Bag

/14/ Elsa Party Favor Bags – Remember when I said I didn’t much like those birthday party loot bags? What if we filled these beautiful handmade party favor bags with candy? My mind could be changed!

Does your princess desire a Disney’s FROZEN birthday party? Which of these ideas will you choose for her big day? Let us know on our Facebook page. Better yet, show us a picture on our Instagram page!

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