Fall themed Bento Box lunches

When the seasons change, I get really excited to pack my kids lunches.  Why? Because a new season means fun new ways to make Bento Box lunches.  Or in momspeak, to get them to eat a new variety of fruits and veggies.

My middle son is a picky eater.  He won’t even touch a turkey and cheese sandwich!  Unless, of course, it looks like this:

This turkey is complete with turkey and cheese innards, apple slice feathers, cheese nose, and carrot feet.  I used icing for eyes, which he loved.   TIP:  If you don’t have a round biscuit cutter, just use a plastic cup.

For the other side, you can use whatever other foods you like.  Sometimes I’ll add some mini pumpkin muffins or like today, homemade applesauce with sprinkles.

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My older son likes a more mature looking lunch, since he’s a big second grader and all. But even big boys like a little fun, so his lunchbox has been looking a little like this lately:

The lunch above includes tomatoes (with a balloon shaped pick), apple slices, mini muffins and a turkey and cheese sandwich with cheese leaf and sprinkles on top.

The best part about a Bento Box lunch is that your child gets a little of all four food groups and because it looks so fun, the little turkeys usually gobble up every bite!

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