Fall Themed Birthday Parties

Help! My baby is turning 3 soon, and it’s time to start planning for his Birthday Party. I always struggle with my kids party themes because they all fall in the autumn or the winter… No beach bashes or pool parties for us.

However, fall weather can be so pleasant it is a great time to have outdoor parties, and with just a few thought out decorations it makes a perfect backdrop for any fall themed party! Did I mention is also makes them easy! So here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Harvest Time:
Tractors, Fields of Gold, and Scarecrows always come to mind in the fall. Use inspirations from harvest time for decorations. Hay bales make great places for guest to sit, throw in a few scarecrows under a large tree, and an old wooden picnic table and you are set.
Corn-on-the-Cob Cupcakes: Make rows of two or three cupcakes, iced in yellow, on a large platter. Use a variety of yellow and white jellybeans placed on cupcakes in tight rows to represent the corn kernels. Stick a corn holder in the cupcakes at the end so that each row appears to be a corn on the cob. So cute and so festive.
Re-purpose those discounted baby pools. Fill with deer corn and hide baggies with treasures in them for the kids to find. Allow each guest one baggie to take home as a party favor. After all the baggies are found let the kids play in the corn with sand toys or toy tractors.

Forest Floor:
Pine needles, squirrels, toadstools, and fallen logs are all elements of this fun birthday theme. Serve up hotdogs, trail mix, and enjoy a treat of toad stool cupcakes (red icing with white candy coated chocolates sprinkled around on top) or some s’mores for the guest of honor and their friends. For a perfect evening entertainment strike up a “campfire” or fire pit, and sit on old logs. Or enjoy an outdoor movie while lounging under the stars. Some movie suggestions are Open Season, and Parent Trap.

Red Delicious:
Use a real apple with party information attached around the stem for your invitations; hand deliver them to each of your guests.
Use red and white checked table cloths with baskets full of apples displayed everywhere! Super easy and literally nothing goes to waste. (Tip: Fill the bottoms of the baskets or wash tubs with boxes or foam as a filler so you don’t have to purchase as many apples.)

You can always make cake to appear as apples, but why not put a fun twist on the party and serve caramel apples or for an adult party serve apple cobbler and homemade ice cream. Keep everyone entertained with pin the leaf on the apple or bobbing for apples (I loved that game!)

What do you think?