Fun Fall Treats – Halloween Snacks and Desserts

I love this time of year! Maybe because it is the beginning of cool weather and the holiday season.. but I want to BAKE! My son is finally at the age where he can help me and actually enjoy sharing in the process, so I have been searching for some cute little treat ideas that we can try this season.

Here are just a few yummy recipes I found:

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I am not a huge “Halloween” decor fan, but the idea around this little snack is cute. It’s simply chocolate pudding with crumbled oreo on top, dressed up with a cookie. I figured I could do this anyway I want – maybe some yucky creepy worms instead? Or candy corn on top? hmmm..

I am a Rice Krispy Treat fanatic! They are so easy to make and can be “fashioned” into anything you can imagine – or will stick together as. 🙂 Here, make a batch of Krispies and add a dash of orange food coloring (not much or they won’t stick well). After they harden, cut out shapes with a pumpkin cookie cutter (grease the cutter good!!). Then use black and green gel icing to make faces and stems – too cute!

These are hilarious! Such a fun idea. Cut up an apple (granny smith or red, whatever you prefer) into thin little wedges. Spread peanut butter on the wedge and press another wedge on top to make the “lips”. Add marshmallows for teeth.. so funny! And delish.

Caramel apples are the traditional fall treat.. make it more fun and interesting to make with different toppings to dip them in ~ marshmallows, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips. Kids will love customizing their own!


This is a spin-off of the rice krispy treat, and oh so yummy! Just pour melted butter and marshmallow over popcorn and candy corn mixture, mix lightly and shape into balls. Crunchy fall treat.

Some kids (and adults!) don’t care for the taste of pumpkin.. but we all love the spicy goodness of gingerbread! So, these cookies are simply gingerbread dough cut with pumpkin shape and iced anyway you please – easy and delish!

Now roll up those sleeves, kids wash their hands, don that apron, and start making these delicious treats! Enjoy..


For more fun Halloween Crafts see: 29 DIY Halloween Crafts and Decor

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