Lucky Leprechaun Munch

Have you started to notice that things are turning green lately?  If you’re looking at the snow on the ground you might wonder what I’m talking about.  Its almost Saint Patrick’s Day, where everything starts to turn green and is covered in rainbows!  My kids really love this time of year because of how colorful everything is – the food, the crafts, the decorations.  They also love popcorn so we created this easy Saint Patrick’s day treat.  We call it our lucky leprechaun munch!

Lucky leprechaun munch

One of the great things about this easy popcorn recipe is that we had everything on hand at the house.  I love when that happens, don’t you?  To make it we used:

  • Popcorn [Homemade or Microwaveable.  Both work!]
  • 4 pieces of White chocolate bark
  • 2 drops of Green food coloring
  • 1 cup of Lucky Charms [just the charms part]
  • Rainbow Sprinkles


Saint Patrick's Day Popcorn

Pop your popcorn according to the package.  We have a hot air popcorn machine and the kids love watching it shoot out the white kernels!  It may be half the reason they love popcorn so much.  Set the popcorn aside.  Melt the white chocolate bark in a double boiler or in the microwave.  If you use the microwave – set it for 30 second intervals and stir vigorously after each beep.  It should only take 3 or 4 times in the microwave before its smooth.  Add your food coloring to the melted chocolate and mix.  Take the green chocolate and cover the popcorn with it and mix to coat.  While the chocolate is still warm add the sprinkles and the lucky charms.  Let cool for about 30-45 minutes or stick it in the fridge to quick harden the chocolate.

Easy Saint Patricks Day Popcorn

The hardest part of this popcorn is having to fend off the kiddos as you make it.  They hung out in the kitchen the whole time like two little supervisors.  When it was all put together it was even harder to get a few pictures of our lucky leprechaun munch.  I had to snap quick shots and avoid little fingers that kept grabbing at the green treat.  In the end, everyone loved it and momma was lucky to have two happy popcorn filled kids!

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