Lunch for Luck! New Year’s Day Foods for Good Luck in the Coming Year!

Lunch for Luck!

New Year’s Day is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and for as long as I can remember – the day where what you eat matters!

If you have lived in the south, no doubt you know about the tradition of eating Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day.  All over the world there are traditions to bring luck.  Here are a few to consider adding to your menu on January 1st plus a few recipes to try!

Black Eyed Peas – A tradition that started during the civil war – combine with rice and pork to make a hoppin’ john or toss with bell peppers and seasonings to make a “texas caviar” salad. No matter what – be sure you eat as many peas as the year we are welcoming (so a minimum of 15 this year!)

Black eyes peas for New Years good luck!

Simply Recipes – Hoppin’ John – I think if you’d mix some greens or coleslaw in – you’d have everything you needed for a lucky year in one bowl!

Texas caviar - black-eyed peas dishes for New Year's Eve luck

Farm Girl Gourmet – Texas Caviar – Bright and beautiful, it would be good luck just to have it on your table!

Greens – Thought to bring money/fortune. Whether turnip or mustard greens, or cabbage, lots of ways to get greens on your plate.

How to cook collard greens

How to cook collard greens – in case you aren’t familiar – the Kitchn teaches you everything you need to know! I’m going to predict greens become a popular food in 2015! Goodbye Kale, hello Collards!

Healthy Coleslaw Recipe

A lighter version of coleslaw that’s still big on flavor from Good Housekeeping

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Lentils – shaped like small coins – another choice to bring good fortune. Lentil soup, salads or with pasta.

Lentil Salad for delicious New Year's recipe

Lentil Salad with Tomato and Dill from Epicurious – save this recipe and use again in the summer with some grilled salmon!

Of course there is Lentil Soup – Alton Brown’s – quick easy and full of flavor.

Pork – for progress –  pigs are always seen to be rooting forward, never going backward – thus include pigs in your meal….bacon in the pot when you cook your black eyed peas or greens, a pork roast, or even cookies shaped like pigs!

Pig cookies for fun New Year's Treat

Make pig cookies with a basic Sugar cookie recipe from Martha Stewart.  Have the kids frost and decorate!

Does your family have any traditions for New Year’s Day?  Tell us!

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