Quick and Easy Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas

Let’s face it, Back-to-School season is both exciting and daunting. Students are excited for new possibilities and a fresh, new start. It’s daunting for moms and dads because of we have the responsibility of making sure the kids get a healthy breakfast before taking off for a long day of school activity. Send them to school on a full belly and they can concentrate on their assignments. Send them to school on an empty belly and they listen to their bellies rumbling instead of the teacher teaching.

I’ve gathered a bunch of quick and easy breakfast recipes and ideas that will keep them full and focused until lunch time.

Quick and Easy Back to School Breakfasts Recipes -  Mini Whole Wheat Cinnamon French Toast Waffle Dunkers

/1/ Mini Whole Wheat Cinnamon French Toast Waffle Dunkers – Running late this morning? These french toast waffle dunkers can be made days in advance and frozen ahead of time so that each morning you only need to warm them in the microwave oven.

Quick and Easy Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas - Breakfast Cookies

/2/ Breakfast Cookies – Think granola bar. Filled with oats, bananas, apples, peanut butter and other yummy ingredients…this breakfast cookie is the most healthy “treat” they’ll have all day.

Quick and Easy Back to School Breakfast Ideas -  Honey Blueberry Bagel -

/3/ Honey Blueberry Bagel – My daughter LOVES bagels. She requests one loaded with cream cheese on a weekly basis. She also LOVES blueberries. Until now, I had never thought to add blueberries to her cream cheese covered bagel. I love it when moms work together to bring new ideas forth!

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Quick and easy back to school breakfast ideas - Breakfast Burritos

/4/ Breakfast Burritos – There’s a big test today, what can we feed the kids that will fill their bellies for the next few hours? Breakfast Burritos! I’m thinking we can make these the night before, put the cheese topping on in the morning and then bake. Voila! A bunch of full bellies on an important school day.

Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School - No-Bake Cinnamon Roll-Ups

/5/ No-Bake Cinnamon Roll-Ups – Every kid loves cinnamon toast. This is a super fun way of serving an old-fashioned favorite.

What is a favorite breakfast food in your family? We’d love for you to share the recipe with us on our Facebook page.

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