Ten Best Apple Cider Recipes

Hot apple cider is the perfect winter drink. Warm, richly scented, and perfect for fire-gazing, book-reading or blanket-snuggling. Here are some of our favorite apple cider recipes gathered from the far corners of the internet – from the slow-cooker recipe perfect for entertaining, to the orange-flavored apple cider recipe with a twist. These are the must-try recipes of the winter!


1. Slow Cooker Apple Ciders – Take the guess work, hassle and fuss out of making spiced cider by using one of these slow-cooker recipes to save time during a party!

Apple Cider Apple Cup Recipe

2. Fabulous idea of serving delicious apple cider in an apple cup. By Taste of Koko.

Apple Cider Hot Toddy Recipe

3. If you have a sore throat consider this old-fashioned remedy with an apple cider twist! The apple cider hot toddy includes soothing spices, lemon, tea and liqueur. By Cookie and Kate.

Apple Cider Float Recipe

4. For anyone who doesn’t want their apple cider hot this is a great option! The apple cider float! By Food Plus Words.

Apple Cider Caramels Recipe

5. These caramels look amazing and use apple cider as the base. Genius! From Smitten Kitchen.

Caramel Apple Cider Recipe

6. Speaking of caramel…you gotta love any recipe that combines hot apple cider with caramel to make this amazing looking drink. By Pastry Affair.

Apple Pie Martini Cider Cocktail

7. Turn your cider into a cocktail with this apple-pie martini recipe! By TypeAParent.com.

Red Hots Apple Cider Recipe8. Red Hot Apple Cider – what a great way to spice up your apple cider in a fun and colorful way kids are sure to adore. By The Novice Chef.

Spiced Mulled Cider Recipe9. Spicy mulled cider for a rich mixture of tastes this recipe includes vanilla, orange, ginger, sugar and optional spiced rum. See the how-tos at Spicy Ice Cream.

Spiked Maple Apple Cider Drink Recipe

10. Last, but definitely not least, pair the tangy taste of cider with the sweet flavor of maple by using either maple syrup or maple flavored whiskey. By A Beautiful Mess.

What is your favorite apple cider drink recipe type? Sweet? Spicy? Candied? Spiked? 

What do you think?