16 Fall Containers for Gorgeous Porch Decor

Fall is the time many of us enjoy getting outdoors again, as summer heat gives way to more comfortable temperatures. Plus with fall inspiring so many gorgeous colors, it’s the perfect time to redo your porch containers. These beautiful fall containers will give you plenty of inspirations as you consider how to decorate your porch for the autumn.

1. Tall Wooden Box

Wood Box for natural fall color

image via: How to Decorate

2. Knock Out Basket Container Garden

Knock Out Container - Harvest basket inspired for fall porches

image via: Container Gardening

3. Dress up  Boring Wooden Container With an Upscale Tiled Container by Untrained Housewife

Tiled Wooden Planter DIY for Upscale Garden Decor
4. Elevated Autumn Urn
Elevated Autumn Urn - Bring those fall colors to eye level!

image via: Southern Living

5. Singletons Flowering Kale

Singletons Flowering Kale - An ornamental, cold-hardy kale

image via: The Dirt Farmer

6. Pumpkin Surprise

Pumpkin Surprise - Turn your pumpkins into mum containers

image via: Lowes

7. Make an Accent

Make an Accent container with gorgeous autumn colors and blooms

image via BHG

8. Easy and Festive

Easy and Festive Autumn centerpiece or porch container

image via: Hometalk

9. Tall and Slender

Tall and Slender - dramatic container plantings add a splash of autumn color

image via: Garden Design

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10. Bountiful Birdbath

Bountiful Birdbath - a shallow container filled with gorgeous fall flowers and colorful plants

image via: Midwest Living

11. Topsy Turvy Planter by Cottage at the Crossroads

Topsy Turvy Planter - A multi-level planter with colorful fall foliage and flowers

12. Mix it Up by Flores Del Sol

Mix it Up with bold foliage and fine cut evergreens

13. Basket and Pumpkin by Calling It Home

Basket and Pumpkin Containers with Autumn Blooming Mums

14. Stunning Container

Stunning Container for Fall Porch Decor

image via: Canadian Garden

15. Tub of color

Tub of color - fill a washtub with gorgeous fall blooms and color

image via: Midwest Living

16. Love this Barrel Planter

The Barrel Planter - Adds rustic charm to the autumn colors and foliage

image via; North Coast Gardening

How do you decorate your home’s porch for fall? We’d love to see it! Share on our Facebook page YOUR gorgeous fall containers. 

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