18 Make Your Own Scarf DIYS

Fall, winter and even early spring in some areas means scarves, scarves and more scarves! There are so many awesome ways to wear a scarf that you can wear a scarf every day and have unique and stylish look no matter what. But in order to do that you need gorgeous scarves in a variety of colors and styles. And that could get pricey unless you make your own! Here are over a dozen fabulous homemade scarf ideas that will have you looking gorgeous (and staying warm!) in no time!

18 Make Your Own Scarf DIYS

Bleached Scarf by Tried and True Blog – Such a cool twist on the bleached tee-shirt DIYs people did this summer.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Bleached Scarf Tutorial

Impossible Scarf Three by The Pink Samurai – Perfect for those who love color-blocking.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Impossible Scarf Three. Gorgeous color-blocking!

Quick Checkered Crochet Hat and Scarf by Craft Foxes – Make a matching hat for double-the-warmth!

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Quick Checkered Crochet Hat and Scarf

Blue & White Infinity Scarf by Homemade 101 – Celebrate your colorful side. Who says winter has to be dreary? Bring in the fun patterns!

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Blue & White Infinity Scarf

No-Sew Fringe Scarf by Creme de la Craft – Add some super fun fringe for a more playful look.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - No-Sew Fringe Scarf

Flower Scarf by Untrained Housewife – This homemade silk scarf brings the best of nature to your fashion accessories

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Flower Scarf on silk

Transitional Infinity Scarf by Wake and Whimsy – For those windy winter days when your ears need some love.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Transitional Infinity Scarf

To Infinity and Beyond by Grey Luster Girl – Simple infinity scarf for sleek style.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - To Infinity and Beyond

Lacey Scarf by Hand Occupied – Both the color and the pattern make this a beautiful, eye-catching scarf.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Lacey Scarf

Abstract Painted Scarf by Crafting Connections – The winter version of a graphic tee – what’s not to love about this scarf!

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Abstract Painted Scarf

No-Knit Scarf by Blissfully Domestic – It does NOT get any easier than this, folks!

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - No-Knit Scarf

Chunky Infinity Scarf by Stuff Steph Does – Cool textured scarf.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Chunky Infinity Scarf

Braided Cowl by Melly Sews – What a unique scarf design this is!

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Braided Cowl

Pom Pom Scarf by Simplicity – A twist on the fringe, this creates unlimited scarf possibilities.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Pom Pom Scarf

Infinity Scarf – Two Ways by Mom It Forward – Repurpose scrap fabric into a twisted infinity scarf or repurpose a tee into a no-sew infinity.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Infinity Scarf - Two Ways

Oversized Chain Scarf by Gina Michele – Love the unique playful look of this scarf.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Oversized Chain Scarf

Fall Braided Scarf by Calm Cradle – two color braid makes this a fun stylish look.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Fall Braided Scarf

Eco-dyed Scarves by Hideous Dreadful Stinky – Fun homemade dyed scarves for a natural, fun look.

18 Homemade Scarf DIYs - Eco-dyed Scarves

Which of these scarves are your favorites? What types of scarves do you wear on a regular basis and which one will you try first to update your wardrobe this cool season? 

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