6 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

In this digital age it’s sometimes easy to leave all of your cherished memories on a hard drive. It’s time to get those photos off of your computer and into your home! Here are six creative ways to display your photos in your home…

Creative Ways to Display Photos at Home - Photo Collage

1. Create a Canvas Photo Gallery Puzzle – I love this concept of grouping several images from a photo shoot (or special trip) together to form one large shape. You can chose a variety of sizes to create a large square or rectangle – the options are almost endless! When put all together it creates a clean looking gallery of wonderful memories.

Instagram Photo Heart Collage

2. Think Outside the Box – You certainly don’t need to stick to just square and rectangles when creating a gallery. Break out of the “box” by creating hearts, triangles or even circles with your photos. Get creative!

Photo Print Size Guide Chart

3. Think BIG – To most of us an 8×10 print seems large and an 11×14 seems massive! But when you are thinking about decorating your home with your photos don’t be afraid to go BIG! If you need to fill a large space above your couch or bed, the bigger the better! This size guide is a great visual on how tiny an 8×10 can really look against big furniture.

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Hallway Staircase Photo Gallery - Think Big Photo Gallery

4. Fill Your Hallways and Stairways with Photos – Hallways and stairways often have large unused wall space as they aren’t a “room” in your house, but in reality these are some of the best places to hang your photos. Think of how often you go up and down the stairs each day or down the hallway to the bedrooms and back, probably a lot! Filling this space with beautiful photos will be a constant reminder of all of your wonderful memories.

Clothesline Photo Gallery Message Board

5. Create a Clothesline Photo Gallery – A clothesline gallery is a great way to easily change out your photos and update them as often as you want. All you have to do is print new photos and swap them out! Clip in the new and out with the old. This gallery in an old frame works well for a small place (such as a desktop) or expand your idea to take up a whole wall (think the kids play room).

Photo Book for Displaying Pictures

6. When in Doubt, Make a Photo Book – Can’t decide how you want to decorate your home with your photos? When in doubt, print a photo book! There are so many gorgeous affordable options out there these days (such as these beautiful books from Artifact Uprising) that the hardest part will be deciding who to order from! At the very least you can display them on coffee tables and book shelves. They are guaranteed to be looked at for years to come – and certainly more than they would sitting on your hard drive!

Do you have another favorite way to display your photos in your home? Let us know your secrets and share a photo on our Facebook page!

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