Apple Topiary for Holiday Centerpieces

A holiday topiary is a perfect way to spice up any holiday decor. They’re perfect as a set on either side of a fireplace or as a single decorative centerpiece. A holiday topiary is also super simple to make.

Bliss topiary finished1

You’ll only need a minimum of supplies including a Styrofoam cone, acrylic paint, plastic decorative apples, decorative wreath stems, a hot glue gun and a candlestick.

First paint the Styrofoam cone the same color as the decorative apples. This will help the Styrofoam blend in with the apples.

Bliss topiary paint2

Separate the apples by size and use the hot glue gun to attach them to the cone. Start with the largest ones on the bottom and work your way up to the top, decreasing the size of the apples as you go.

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Bliss topiary apples3

Bliss topiary bottom4

After you have adhered all the apples, add decorative wreath stems around the bottom by sticking the wire stems into the bottom of the Styrofoam cone. Make sure you push the wire stems upward toward the center of the cone to prevent the Styrofoam from chipping.

Bliss topiary twigs5

Bliss topiary twigs styrofoam6

Attach the entire cone to a candlestick using the hot glue.

Bliss topiary finished1

Voila, it’s just that easy and no one will even know you made it yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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    LOVE IT!!! What is the topiary sitting on?