Bathroom Decorating Tips (Yes! I said Bathroom.)

Bathrooms are often overlooked rooms in a home when it comes to decorating.

Soap pyramid on a crisp white towel...inviting and beautiful.


Because they are super utilitarian spaces (probably second only to laundry rooms), aren’t particularly flexible in the furniture re-arrangement department, and usually don’t have a lot of extra room to display items. PLUS there is the whole humidity factor, and then the hygiene issue…well, it all adds up to bathrooms being ignored decor-wise.

But it doesn’t have to be so. You can infuse a bathroom with personality and style, even within these confines.

  • First, tuck away the toiletries. Hide the toothbrushes and toothpaste, put the hair accessories in a drawer, and leave the lotions and potions for the medicine cabinet. Start with a clean slate!
Bathroom Decorating Tips
  • Keep it simple. Unlike most rooms, bathrooms don’t require layers of decor to shine with personality. In fact, a simple bud vase with a flower or two speaks to freshness…a good thing in a bathroom!
  • Display folded, fluffy white towels.  The least expensive way to impart a spa feeling to a bathroom is with some crisp white towels.  Place them on the side of a tub, on a countertop, or even on a wooden chair or step-stool.  Handy and space-saving, too!
  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall (and other things, as well).  If your vanity mirror is a plain ol’ rectangle glued to the wall, consider trimming it with a ready-made frame from a craft shop.  Often these mirrors are a standard size, and you can find frames in a wide variety of styles.  Don’t hesitate to hang artwork on other walls, too…photographs, paintings, or candle holders.  Just make sure to run your fan during showers or baths…the humidity can wreak havoc on unprotected artwork.

  • Bring in furniture.  People often don’t think of the bathroom as a place for furniture, but if you have the space, a small table or chest of drawers can bring in a huge dollop of personality.  Decorate it with candles, some rolled up hand towels or washcloths, and specialty soaps.

So take a second look at your bathroom…and give this utilitarian space some decorating attention!

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