Fun & Functional Bathroom Organization Ideas

If you’re like most every other woman in the world, you have an overabundance of make-up, scented lotion, hair accessories and bath salts. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing…if it’s organized. When everything has a place and everything is in its place, then it’s easier to justify fifteen bottles of seemingly the same lotion to our significant others. Amiright, guys?

Before we move on to the organization part, let’s take 30 minutes to clean and purge. Set a timer, grab a garbage bag for TOSS items and a basket for KEEP items, and begin. Be sure to go through the closet, under the sink, in the shower, behind the toilet {hey, you never know.}…leave no empty bottles behind!  I’ll wait. Okay, you’re back, great! That felt good, huh? Now, you should have only the things you know you’ll use and want to keep. The rest of this post is dedicated to a bunch of ideas to help you organize your favorite bathroom accessories and necessities. Let’s get to organizing!

towel hangers with pictures

/1/ Photo Bath Hooks – I won’t begin to tell you the fight I have with my kids about whose towel is on the floor…suffice it to say, it’s a daily occurrence. Maybe, just maybe, if they each had their own hook I could play a process of elimination game, of sorts. Or, maybe seeing their smiling face on the wall will entice them to hang their towel. Either way, I LOVE this idea!

DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas

/2/ Oilcloth Lined Baskets – Oilcloth is great for so many reasons, but my favorite is the ease of cleaning it. You’ll worry no more about something spilling into the bottom of the basket, you can just wipe it clean. And, look at how cute it is!

bathroom organization ideas

/3/ DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage – If you’re lacking in cabinet space, this DIY idea is perfect for you! Don’t let the power tools intimidate you, you can do this!

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diy bathroom organization ideas

/4/ Silverware Tray Toothbrush Organizer – Do the toothbrush cups that are typically used in every bathroom kind of give you the heeby-jeebies, too? Have you seen what can get pooled up at the bottom of those things? Go check yours out. I bet you’ll give it a good bleaching right away. You’re welcome. This idea of using a silverware tray is genius! It keeps everyone’s toothbrush from touching and no yucky water {aka germs} will pool up in it.

hang towels bathroom organization

/5/ Extra Shower Rod for Towels  – Do you ever ask yourself, “why didn’t I think of this?” Here’s a prime example: a extra shower rod added a smidge below your existing shower rod to hang wet towels or to hang-dry undergarments and intimates. GENIUS! Not only does it keep these items hidden and discreet, they drip into the tub and not onto the floor. Some people have all of the brains!

diy bathroom organization ideas

/6/ Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer – Some of us may currently be using Mason jars for things like Q-tips and cotton balls, but it’s time we get them off of the counter! Your bathroom will look so much more organized with them hanging on the wall. Not to mention, so cute!

DIY Bathroom organization ideas

/7/ Wire File Holders as Towel Holders – Thinking outside of the box. I like it. You’ll have to look no further than your local office supply store for this towel storage solution!

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