Beautiful Fall Gardens

I love outdoor containers with lots of lush greenery and interesting shapes and textures. In the Pacific Northwest where I live, fall is the most beautiful season (in my opinion!). There is no better time to put on a cozy sweater and take a walk through some of my favorite neighborhoods! I took this photo (above) of a container that caught my attention. I love the mix of greens, and textures.

This house had the most stunning window boxes and interesting landscaping. The fall colors just popped out and grabbed my attention!

Isn’t that window box just amazing?

They framed the entrance to their walkway with some beautiful textured plants. It really invites you into a unique and special world!

In the Pacific Northwest we don’t have many palm trees. They really stand out from the traditional trees we have in this part of the country! The unique blend of textures and the pops of vibrant reds and greens is what makes this landscape so interesting.

Do you enjoy Fall gardening in your part of the country?

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