Choosing Front Door Colors

Have you ever sat and stared at color samples with a blank stare and felt like saying… uh, I dunno?  I know I have and I’m supposed to be a pro.  But sometimes color choices can be downright hard!  But it really is important, right?  I mean the future happiness of our family could depend on this.

There must be some way modern technology can help with this.  Right?  Maybe there is.

I decided to try a little Photoshop magic on a picture I had.  I wanted to see what a difference changing the front door color made.  Take a look!


This is the original photo…nice and white.  Pretty house!

Let’s try some colors:


Looks nice in yellow….

But maybe…


Blue would be better?  What do you think?  Darker blue maybe…

Or how about an old faithful…


Red!  Red looks good and it means something, right?

What if we stay away from color…


Now THAT looks good!  Black works for this house!

Pretty neat, huh?  Which one is your favorite?

What do you think?



  1. 7

    Black, absolutely. A dark maroon might look nice also.

  2. 8

    I love the black as well and am curious what you would choose for the inside/reverse side of the doors.

  3. 9

    Definitely the black followed by the yellow.

  4. 10

    Loving the black door… that is what I want when I get a new door this summer.

  5. 11

    I still say yellow or blue, but that’s just me. =]

  6. 12

    How fun! I’m with you on this one RG..the black really brings out the character of the house.

  7. 13

    Very cool, Tim! The powers of the computer!