Conquering the Fear of White Bed Linens

Do you see beds dressed in fresh white linens and admire how comfy and inviting they look?


Do you dream of dressing your bed in white, yet quickly push the idea out of your mind because you have kids, pets, or a husband?  How would you ever keep it clean?

There was a time that I was just like you.  I shuddered at the thought of solid white bedding, although I loved the crisp and welcoming look of white.  Like you, I have a dog (a HUGE dog), a toddler, and a very messy husband.

When I was ready to redo our master bedroom, I searched high and low for a printed duvet cover that would hide the dog hair and dirty paw prints yet still be beautiful.  I even considered making my own duvet cover, but I couldn’t find any fabric that met my specifications.

Then, I remembered my good friends — the washing machine and the bleach.

I found a 100% cotton solid white duvet set at a national chain store for a very reasonable price.  I now am able to wash my duvet cover when I wash my sheets and add a little bleach if I need to.  This duvet is absolutely perfect for my lifestyle, because I no longer panic when the dog jumps on the bed or my son climbs on top of it wearing his shoes.  I never in a million years would have thought that solid white linens would make my life less stressful!

Now that our bed is beautiful, I think I need to twist my husband’s arm into letting me get a more comfortable mattress.  Maybe I’ll even win the Blissfully Domestic Sleep Number Bed Giveaway!  The combination of my fluffy, white duvet on top of a Sleep Number bed would make the perfect night’s sleep.

Photo credits: House Beautiful Image Library

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  1. 3

    I love white linens! But yes, very scary!
    p.s. Love your name, too!

  2. 4

    I have had the same white matelasse coverlet on my bed for 8 years now and all it takes is a quick gentle wash to clean it up. It is good quality and stands up to everything, including my 8 year old son and my dog (ok, and my husband who puts his feet on the bed while he is wearing shoes, and often sets a red pen down while he is reading, enough said there.)! I love the look of white bedding. I even have white sheets because they are so restful to me. I used to get patterns and florals, but I really love the classic simplicity of white so that is all I buy now.

  3. 5

    I absolutly LOVE white bedding! It’s hard enough to find a duvet cover but I find it amazing you also found one that is machine washable! Great find!