Decorate and DIY with Vintage World Globes

When decorating or creating eye-popping DIY projects with globes there is a WORLD of possibilities. Literally. Today I’ve gathered a collection of decorating ideas and DIY projects that will leave you longing to go antique shopping to find the perfect world globe {or ten}!

Decorating and DIY with World Globes
Everything about this grouping makes me happy. The number five to indicate the number of family members, the bright yellow cabinet and most of all the GLOBES!

Decorate and DIY with World Globes
Do you enjoy traveling? Re-create this vintage suitcase and world globe stack in your front entryway and let all your guests in on your passion.

Decorate and DIY with Vintage World Globes
This collaboration of an atlas and world globes would be fabulous in a child’s playroom or a homeschool classroom.

Decorate and DIY with Vintage World Globes
That space above your cabinets is often wasted…unless you fill it with colorful, vintage world globes, as Lindsey has here!

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I hear you’re crafty. Here are a few DIY projects that will add a touch of whimsy to your world globe collection.

DIY with Vintage World Globes
These hanging pendant lamps have been seen in retail stores for $300 or more. With half of a world globe and a lamp kit you can make your own for around $30! Added bonus? You only use half of the globe for one lamp. Purchase an extra lamp kit and make one for a friend!

DIY with Vintage World Globes
Never forget what time it is in your part of the world again. This DIY wall clock is the perfect solution. You could even make more than one and keep track of time in other parts of the world.

Decorate and DIY with Vintage World Globes
Are you planning a vacation? Need a fun alternative to saving money in your savings account at the bank? Mark your destination on a world globe and then go grab an exacto knife. Save your money IN your globe!! {some folks have the most brilliant ideas!}

Decorate and DIY with Vintage World Globes
Using an assortment of {new or vintage} letters, you can say whatever you’d like to say on this world globe in a shadow box. This is wall art that will be unique to your home.

Decorate and DIY with Vintage World Globes
With a little decoupage and paint you can customize a world globe to fit any room style or decor. This one pictured was for an It’s A Small World themed bedroom. But, YOU can let your imagination run wild and create one that is all your own!

What are you waiting for? Go scour antique malls and thrift stores NOW for vintage world globes that you can use to decorate and DIY your home with. Will you share your projects with us on our Facebook page?

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    Avatar jen deyoung says

    love this idea! i have a few vintage globes that i’ve some how collected and just had them on display around the apartment, now i’m going to put them all above the kitchen cabinets, thank you for this!