Decorating a Small Bedroom on an even Smaller Budget

You want your bedroom to be a spacious haven but decorating a small space can be difficult. Fear of the unknown coupled with the economy being no help financially can make you want to sell your home and book a hotel room…for life.

However, there is good news! I finally grabbed the bull by the horns after years of doubt and proceeded with a leap of faith to turn my bedroom from a room I loathed into a room I can’t wait to step into. Now instead of you having to venture into the unknown with limited money, I would love to share with you my budget friendly guide that is sure to work.

Minimize Height In Small Room Design

One mistake people make when decorating small rooms is too much height. Height can crowd a small room quickly. Headboards, tall chest-of-drawers, and large vanity mirrors take away from the space a small room can provide.

King Sized Beds in Small Bedrooms?

It is said that a king sized bed is not ideal for small rooms. While that is true, I must say that after years of much needed sleeping room, removing my king sized bed was just not an option for me. Also, I could not afford a new bed. But no matter what size bed you have there is still room for improvement.
To give the illusion of space and add a few more inches to the room, remove the headboard, push the bed up against the wall and choose a medium-sized work of art to display overhead. If money is tight and you can’t afford to buy a new piece of art, simply take a framed picture from another room in the house and put it in place of the headboard.


Bedspread Choice for Small Bedrooms to Trick the Eye

Busy patterned bedspreads also take up a lot of space. However, if you need pattern and color, choose a neutral, light color spread and opt for colorful pillows for the head and a small throw for the foot of the bed. This will also give the illusion of space while adding warmth.

Dressers and Mirrors in Small Bedrooms

Another tip; remove the large bulky mirror over your dresser and put small pictures in its place. Also remove that large chest of drawers and place it in the closet to store clothes and add space to your room while giving character to your closet.

If all of your furniture is dark, buy a few spray cans of beige or light colored paint. Take your furniture outside, sand it down, follow the directions on the can, and proceed with turning some of your old, dull furniture into fresh, new pieces.

Paint Selection to Increase Space Appearance in Small Rooms

Lastly, a fresh coat of paint on the walls will liven up any room. Make sure to steer clear of dark tones and pick colors that provide light and space.

If you minimize height, remove pieces you can live without, choose to decorate with large patterns and dark color in small scales, and only spend money on paint and a few pillows; you will find you can turn that small room into a larger than life space on a friendly budget.

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    I have a large wall and I want to put different size and shape mirrors on it how do I go about making it look like it look like a pro did it. And I don’t know what color to paint the wall
    My drapes are dark brown and I don’t want to get rid them please help me

    • 3

      Small or lightweight mirrors can be hung with decorative mirror hangers or clips. I would say the most professional way to achieve the look you are going for, is to have an unprofessional mind. Hang different sizes and shapes as you are wanting, but not in a uniformed manor. Your mirrors aren’t uniformed, so why does the way you place them have to be?
      For painting your walls, why not use a very light blue that is almost white-ish in appearance? Or go for a neutral green. Hope this helps

  2. 4

    My son moved out recently and I’m getting ready to redecorate his smallish room and want to keep it budget friendly. This has been so helpful! Thank you for sharing these ideas.