DIY Heart Shaped Wreath Using A Bicycle Tube

LOVE is the air, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Pink and red will soon flood the streets to share and celebrate the day of love. Young love will giggle in laughter, long lasting marriages will smile “we made it” and the more mature kind of love will reminisce of past Valentine’s Day memories!

Have you ever made a Heart Shaped Wreath using a Bicycle Tube? Well I did, and it was so much fun! It’s easy to manipulate the tube into the shape I want to create, a heart shape, just in time for Valentine’s Day!.

I was able to find and purchase the bicycle tube at my local home store.  It was inexpensive for $7.99 and no assembly required.

DIY heart shaped wreathPink Heart Shaped Wreath!

how to make a heart shaped wreathHearts & Feathers

Pretty in Pink!

Vintage Pink

Supplies to make your Valentine Wreath:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Bicycle Tube
  • Clear Tape
  • Twine
  • Rubber Band
  • Feather Gift Tags
  • Veneer/Wood
  • Pink & Gold Spray Paint
  • Blue Tape
  • Bicycle Pump
  • Scissors

How To create a heart shaped bicycle tube:

First, using a Bicycle pump, pump in just enough air to fill your bicycle tube, be careful not to fill completely (easier to manipulate). Once you have enough air in your tube, shape your tube to a point, and tie your tube using a rubber band, this will keep the shape of your heart. Once you created your shape lay the tube flat on the table, now your ready to make your flower-like design.

bicycle tube for a wreath


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unexpected uses for bicycle tube

Next, to create your tissue paper design/flower, start by grabbing the corners together (while in your hand) forming your tissue paper into a flower, you may have to play with it to find the look that you like. I used clear tape to keep my ends together. Once you have created your pouf (I think that’s what mine looks like) tape to your tube with the clear tape, this works so much better and sticks perfectly to the tube and tissue paper. Tip: DONOT use your glue gun, this may puncture a hole in the tube if your glue is too hot!

how to make a wreath with a bicycle tube


decorate with a heart shaped wreath

Finally,  after covering your tube completely with tissue paper design, set aside so you can create your “Wooden Heart Shaped Mini Banner”.

diy wreath with a bike tire tube

Wooden Heart Shaped Mini Banner:

I used leftover veneer from a furniture project, it really looks like really thin pieces of wood. I am always thinking how can I use this or that from past projects! Using a pencil, I drew my first heart. After cutting, I used that heart to trace onto the rest of the veneer. Once I cut out all the hearts,  I used the blue painters tape and taped off half of each heart to create different designs (as you can see in the photo). Half of the heart was spray painted and Gold and the other half Pink.

spray paint hearts for wreathPainted half Pink & Gold

I am loving Pink and Gold these days! How about you? Once my little wooden hearts were dry, I removed the tape, turned them over and applied tape to the back so I could adhere the twine to them. This worked perfectly since the hearts are so light, and those adorable feather gift tags, I love them and decided they would be a perfect addition to this cute banner. What’s Valentines Day without an arrow or feathers!

finished wreath using a tire

This project is super easy, just takes a little time when creating your flowers, but once that’s done its all about taping to your wreath and hanging. I love this idea perfect for a baby shower, wedding (especially for a wedding), a birthday, so many things you can do. The ideas are endless.

Once my Heart was complete I hung it up on the wall in our bedroom suite above our bed, so pretty and vintage like. The  best thing, I can keep it there all year round, after all it’s love…

Are you making anything special to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day?

What do you think?



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    I love this idea! I’ll be saving all of my old tubes from now on. If you’re looking to add real flowers to your decor – and want to go beyond roses – check out the LikeThat Garden app!