Luck of The Irish Wreath

tutorial how to for st patricks day

Whether you’re Irish or not, you have to love St. Patrick’s Day! I always look forward to the gold-foil chocolate candy coins, but the pinching is something I do my best to avoid. When March 17th rolls around, you better be wearing green or you’re bound to get pinched. To ward off any happy pinchers, I made this Luck of The Irish Wreath to hang on my front door. As long as the wreath is hanging, anyone in my home on St. Patrick’s Day is safe from being pinched. However, once they leave my home, that’s an entirely different story.

What you need to make this wreath:

  • 18” Wire Wreath Form
  • Gold Twist Ties,
  • 21” Green Deco Mesh Wreath
  • St. Patrick’s Day Ribbon
  • Foil Clover Garland
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Plastic Glitter Shamrocks
  • Plastic Gold Coins
  • Wreath Door Hanger

St. Patty Wreath 2


Twist two gold twist ties in each section of the wreath form. Make sure the ties are in all four wire sections of the wreath form.

St. Patty Wreath 3

Fold the ends of the mesh into quarters and pinch together.

St. Patty Wreath 4

Starting with the inside circle of the wreath form, attach the folded ends of the mesh to the wreath with a twist tie. Twist another tie around the mesh 5” away from the last tie. This should leave a bubble between the ties.

St. Patty Wreath 5

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Continue doing this to all four sections of the wreath form.

St. Patty Wreath 6

Tie the ribbon and garland to the third largest section of the wreath form. Wrap them around the wreath form to fill in any open gaps.

St. Patty Wreath 7

St. Patty Wreath 8

Using a preheated glue gun, glue the shamrocks and gold coins to the deco mesh.

St. Patty Wreath 9

Hang on your door using the wreath door hanger.

St. Patty Wreath 11

St. Patty Wreath 10


This great looking and easy to make wreath can be used again and again.  What a fun way to bring some St. Patrick’s Day decorations into your home!

Do you have a favorite decoration for the holiday?  Tell us!

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