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ICFF, New York, New York – This year my  visit to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair was full of new and interesting product highlights. Even more rewarding was my participation with the savvy design group called DesignHounds.  This dynamic group of International designers was given an informative tour of new product highlights at this year’s ICFF in New York.    The one manufacturer I need to mention, presenting the most of Beauty and Brains is hands down, TOTO USA bathroom fixtures. The ultimate Bathroom is one that is good for you and good for the planet. I am always impressed with TOTO’s technology and quality. From the Kardashians to saving water in Africa, they are very active in conservation discussions both locally and abroad.


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Sustainability : For those interested in our environment,  TOTO has been very successful in bringing technology to a low consumption environment, reducing your carbon footprint as their priority.  TOTO not only produces a smart bathroom product for the future with water conservation in mind, but they have also married elegant design and top-notch function. They continue this message by also practicing what they preach at their own home. At their factory in Georgia, they have embraced this need to conserve to the core of their existence.   Everything from the production of the product to purchasing of green power to provide electricity to their factory, to the reuse of waste products and water, TOTO is a model leader in their industry.


Neorest 700H Dual Flush

Technology in the Bathroom : As you begin and end every day  in this room, the bathroom has become increasingly tech savvy. Toto USA  Its has a tremendous amount of engineering science behind it and they are making a difference every day. Everything from their  patented ceramic surface that doesn’t let bacteria cling, to an improved dual flush system that increases cleaning , compared to the typical single water source flush married with a special blue light that kills bacteria daily. The perfect combination of ecology and technology. 

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TOTO is unique for its technology and for advancing and advocating for sustainability.  Ther product is more efficient and improves our ability for water conservation, and still provides exceptional performance.


Luminist Round Vessel Lavatory

Style: New Lighting and Style for every room in the house, including the bathroom. Everyone was pleasantly excited by the Luminist Vessel Lavatory .  This acrylic beauty comes in round and rectangular and the has a wonderful black inset for a hidden drain and a sleek luxury appeal.


Notice the stylish and beautifully designed combination of the Luminist round vessel sink with LED lighting and the Helix Eco faucet.



Luxury and advance performance. The Neorest lavatory faucet offers temperature indicating LED lit control dial.


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Designhounds are loving the Neorest control dial. @christinekohtinteriors, @reginiasturrock


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Our host Bill Strang, President of Operations for TOTO USA with @gimletstyle and @christinekohtinteriors.

We had an opportunity to spend time, and laugh a little,  with Bill Strang, President of Operations for TOTO. He shared with us TOTO’s philosophy and how sustainability and  water conservation drives every decision in their product development. A noted speaker at many conferences, Mr. Strang provided an interesting talk about sustainability and water conservation and why it’s important to all of us, from the designer, builder, to the consumer.   We all need to make the best choices and continue to be educated and sustainably focused for meaningful living on this planet in every decision we make.

I invite you to explore TOTO’s full line of Bath Fixtures and top rated faucets and showerheads for up to 30% water savings in water usage for your footprint today.

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