Fabulous Indoor Terrarium Inspirations

By the time the end of winter comes around I’m craving green growing things. And right now I’m kind of obsessed with terrariums – it’s a great way to bring beautiful plants into the home and create these magical looking little worlds of growing beautiful things. The cool thing about terrariums is that there are now so many amazing and beautiful glass containers available that a terrarium doesn’t have to be a boring fishtank. Check out these fabulous terrarium inspirations.

Hanging Terrarium Globes

Hanging air plant terrariums

These hanging glass globes are perfect for hanging accent pieces or grouping together for an eye-catching look. They don’t hold very many plants so choose an accent plant wisely – Check out this gorgeous tutorial at Ciera Design.

Recycled Wall Lantern Terrarium

Recycled Wall Lantern Terrarium

This adorable terrarium from Untrained Housewife completely remakes an outdoor wall lantern and turned it into a hang-anywhere terrarium. See how to make your own Repurposed Lantern Terrarium for Wall Decor.

Glass Salad Bowl Terrarium

Homemade Salad Bowl Terrarium

This large glass bowl is something you could use to hold salads or appetizers but instead of feeding your mouth, an indoor terrarium will feed your soul with a breath of fresh air. With this larger bowl you can be more creative with the placement of your plants. See the full tutorial on Valley & Co. Lifestyle.

French Press Terrarium Project

French Press Terrarium Project

This terrarium project uses a French coffee press as the container for the terrarium project. Totally cute and super fabulous. Find the details at 1001 Gardens.

Repurposed Fishbowl Terrarium

Fish bowl terrarium with wired hanger

I love this repurposed glass fish bowl with the wired hanger. Some gravel, some succulents, and voila! The perfect topper for a desk or windowsill. Lovely! // Bly the Ponytail Parades

Geometric Glass Jewelry Box Terrarium

Glass Jewelry Box Terrarium

Oh, I adore little vintage boxes. The shapes, the vintage allure is all so stunning. So I super adore this adaption of a vintage glass geometric box into a miniature terrarium. See it done at Bly the Ponytail Parades.

Magnet Case Air Plant Terrarium

Magnet Air Plant Terrariums

These magnet cases are available in any office supply store  and this use of them is simply genius. A little gravel and a bit of air plant and viola! Super chic magnets for your fridge or message board. Tutorial at Happiness Is Blog.

Glass Teapot Terrarium

Glass Teapot Terrarium Project

When it comes to making a terrarium, you can use any glass container that is handy. And this creative terrarium certainly that makes that happen. This teapot terrarium is the perfect centerpiece for a brunch table. Tutorial at Garden Therapy.

Glass Science Beaker Terrariums

Glass Science Beaker Terrariums

These miniature terrariums are made out of old-fashioned glass science beakers. Super cute and super fabulous these would look fun in a kid’s bedroom. This set is in an Etsy store Doodle Birdie but you could make your own also.

Recycled Light Bulb Terrarium

Recycled Light Bulb Terrarium Project

Speaking of unusual glass containers for terrariums, look at this project! Adult supervision is required because the inside filament has to be removed but the container winds up being the perfect way to repurpose an otherwise useless glass light bulb. See the Tutorial Here.

 Which terrarium project will you start with first? Don’t forget to pin your favorites to save for later!

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