Festive Holiday Table Decor

With the rapid approach of Halloween & Thanksgiving here are a few table decoration ideas that with little modification can take you from Halloween to Thanksgiving and beyond quicker than you can say gobble gobble. Below are a few table centerpieces that effortlessly move from holiday to holiday with a few DIY ideas to get you started.

 Great cheese cloth ghosts from Ashbee Designs make a festive Halloween centerpiece

Festive Table Decor

 Adding a second layer that is holiday specific will create a beautiful and unique centerpiece. DIY Cheese Cloth GhostFor Halloween add DIY ghosts, velvet pumpkins, and spider webbing across the branches. For Thanksgiving remove the ghosts and spider webs and you are done.

Here is a great use of the stems from your pumpkin after Halloween, to create a great Thanksgiving/Fall Centerpiece from Celebrate-Creativity

Festive Table Decor

White Velvet Pumpkins from Get Cottage

White Velvet Pumpkins

The key to an easy to switch holiday table scape is to build from a foundation that is rooted with natural elements that are abundant this time of year such as leaves, berries, branches and seasonal flowers as seen at Home is Where The Boat Is

Festive Table Decor

Natural Table Decor

I love the simple modern holiday tables from Decorating Your Small Space 

Festive Table Decor

Festive Table Decor

Below image from Far Above Rubies

Festive Table DecorHow do you create a festive table for the holidays? Centerpieces? Candles? We’d love to see what you do for the holidays?


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