Five Tips to Decorate for Spring


Spring is officially here!  That means it’s one of my favorite times of year and time to switch out our heavy winter decor for lighter and brighter options!  As always, I aim to inspire and guide you without breaking the bank, so I’ve curated five of my favorite ways to welcome Spring into your home.

Fresh Flowers.

Nothing says Spring like fresh flowers.  Whether it’s bouquets of freshly cut wild flowers or pretty potted plants, the addition of beautiful blooms is the perfect way to welcome Spring. Not only do they add freshness and fragrance, but fresh flowers are an inexpensive and low commitment way to inject colour into a space.  I love tulips and happily go over board on them this time of as they are abundant and inexpensive.  Sprinkle them through out your home – laundry room, mud room, guest bathroom, don’t be shy!  Or be the talk of the neighbourhood with a fabulous floral wreath on your front door, click here for an easy DIY.

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We often associate muted and pastel tones with Easter, but why not extend them beyond the egg hunt?  Switch out bold and dark throw pillows and accessories for fun additions in pastels hues.  With this year’s Pantone Colors of the Year being Rose Quartz and Serenity, there are a plethora of options to choose from at all different price points.  Feeling really adventurous?  Why not add some lighter hued furniture – a lovely mint green sofa, or paint out the legs on an old coffee table and give it new life.




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Lacking a green thumb like me?  Add vibrant floral prints to your space in easy and inexpensive ways – throw pillows are once again a great option, but why not change out seat cushions on your dinning room chairs or add a floral pattern in your drapery?  Looking to take a bold step? Wallpaper is a great way to add impact, colour, patterns and prints to a space, how gorgeous is that hot pint floral?

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(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)


Switching out art with the seasons is a fantastic way to transition from season to season, but let’s be honest, doing so can be pricey.  Two of my favorite ways to achieve this without breaking the bank is 1) painting the frames of your existing art, making it feel new and fresh and 2) painting inexpensive ready-made carved ceiling rosettes in a spring time colour, like yellow, and grouping them on the wall to create a dramatic and seasonal effect.


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(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)


And lastly, nothing freshens up a space like a fresh coat of paint.  Committing to an entire room can be time-consuming and costly, so why not paint out one wall, a piece of furniture or best of all the front door?  Dramatic, effective and inexpensive.

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(Source: Better Homes and Gardens and Pinterest)

With my easy and inexpensive go-to tips for decorating for spring, you’ll discover changing your decor with the seasons doesn’t have to be a major project.  It can be fun and easily accomplished in an afternoon!  I’d love to hear how you get your space ready for spring?

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