Flower Pot Place Holders

I love this time of year for so many reasons.  One being that we get together with family that we haven’t seen for a while to celebrate.  We normally have big dinners for each of the holidays, which are another one of my favorite things.  Not only do I love to cook, but I also like to decorate for the occasion.

Flower Pot Place Holders for Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving I like to decorate my house as well as the dinner table.  We use special plates, fun napkins and always try to have a place card or holder.  This year I create some super fun flower pot place holders.  They are easy to make and something that our guests can take home with them!

The best part of these place card holders is that they are really frugal to make and you can get creative with them.  I even had all the supplies on hand, except the Marigolds.  If you would like to create this take home place holders you will need:

  • Peet pots
  • Garden stakes
  • Flower or herbs
  • Potting soil
  • Decorations of your choice

Decorate Your Flower Pot Place Holders

For our flower pot place holders, I just wrapped a piece of fabric tape around the top.  Washi tape, stickers or calligraphy would be fun additions as well.  Or, have your kids doodle on the pots.  Once I had the pots decorated, I added the Marigolds and packed down the soil.  Then I wrote the names of our guests on the markers and stuck them in the soil.

Personalized Flower Pot Placeholders

I love how the place holders turned out!  They are unique and like I said, something that can be taken home after the meal.  I also think that fresh herbs would look great in the pots as well.  And then guests can dine on their place holders and take them home!

One-of-a-kind flower pot place holders


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