Paint Stick Garden Markers

DIY Paint Stick Gardening Labels

Paint sticks are one of those items just begging to be crafted with. Since I have recently become a gardening genius (read: slightly less of a black thumb), I realized we needed some proper garden markers for our growing plant and vegetable collection. This was a very simple craft with great rewards.

Paint Stick Garden Labels Craft Supplies


  • Endless amount of paint sticks
  • Craft paint
  • Brushes
  • Paint pen
  • Optional – polyurethane

Make a list of what plants you are making the markers for and any other information you want to include on the stick.

Paint Stick Garden Labels Container Garden1. Paint the sticks with their base coat color. I like the foam brushes for this – perfect size for the wood and a smooth finish.

2. Let them dry thoroughly.  I used wax paper so the sticks would be easy to lift up once dry and painted one side at a time.

3. Now use a paint pen to write the information you need on the paint stick. Don’t be worried if you mess up – you could always paint over the writing and try again.

4. Apply a coat of polyurethane once the paint marker has dried, if you’d like your plant markers to stay new and shiny.

I solved quite a few problems with this craft:

I clearly marked which plants “belonged” to which child, included a reminder of how much sun each plant needed, and eliminated all the ugly plant tags that come with them from the store.

TA DA! Now your garden will be beautiful, colorful and well-organized! How do you keep your garden well-planned? 

What do you think?