Getting Creative with a Small Backyard

I am a big fan of small yards. While I love the idea of vast amounts of open space, the maintenance scares me. So how do you fit a lot of function into a small space? This outdoor room is a inspiring example of what can be done with a small yard. You may think you have limited space, but with a little planning, you can really pack a lot into a small area.

This particular yard creates spaces for children, an outdoor kitchen and serving bar, room for socializing and the ever important ambience through the use of a small fountain — all carefully tucked into a small backyard. The secret to effective space planning is creating zones. By designating even small corners for important elements, you can enjoy your yard without missing out on any function.

Inspiration images: HGTV
article via The Inspired Room

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    what a cool garden! you wouldn’t think you’d be able to fit so much into such a narrow space, but this really works! I’ve been scrolling through pinterest for the past couple of hours trying to find out how we can fit a hot tub in our garden without it being the main focal point. I think adding some height is the way to go. I think this garden would look a lot different if the play area was on the same level as the rest of the garden, the use of turf has broken it up nicely too.

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