What Moms’ Want – The Gift of Clean

Give the gift of clean for Mother's Day

I’m a mom to five children. With each child comes a different set of messes. My 12-year-old leaves his shoes and skateboard by the front door and my 9-year-old leaves his wet towel on his bedroom floor. My 7-year-old never rinses the sink after he brushes his teeth and my 5-year-old daughter pulls all of her clothes out of her dresser drawer before finding the perfect pair of shorts. The baby doesn’t make many messes…yet. At the end of the day I’m so tired from picking up after all of them that I just want to crash my noggin on the pillow. “I’ll finish cleaning tomorrow”, is often what I tell myself as I drift off to sleep.

For Mother’s Day this year I’m thinking I’d simply like a clean house. The Gift of Clean. That’s it. If my family would rally and work together I think it’s a complete possibility. I’m not alone in my desires.

According to a recent survey[1], seventy-five percent (75%) of moms would prefer a clean home on Mother’s Day to being served breakfast in bed.  In addition, sixty percent (60%) of moms would most prefer a clean house over other gift options like candy, flowers and a card. 

 [1] OmniBus Scotch-Brite Survey, April 2014
Scotch-Brite sent me this great gift package of cleaning goodies. I made sure to open it in front of all of the kids {and husband} so if there were any questions as to what something was or what it was used for {ie: the Shower Scrubber is not a play sword.} I could answer them right away. No one can say they didn’t know we had that to clean that with.
#thegiftofclean - Give the gift of clean for Mother's Day
I’m going to leave it out and hope to goodness it gets used…by them, before me.
What would you like more than anything this Mother’s Day? A clean house or a dozen roses?
Be sure to keep popping in to Blissfully Domestic. The Cleaning Fairy tells me there will be a giveaway for one of YOU to receive a basket full of Scotch-Brite goodies!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Scotch-Brite. While I was compensated by Scotch-Brite all opinions are my own.

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